Bling’s Crypto Gaming Apps Noticed a Surge in Users During COVID19


April 22, 2020 1:13 am

Bling Crypto Gaming Apps Noticed a Surge in Users During COVID19
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Bling, the crypto gaming company based in the United States, has recorded a significant boost in the number of people downloading its apps since the lockdown of most of the countries affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

Per statistics, Bling’s users are up almost 50% over last month. The platform has reached 70,000 users per day, and over 400,000 active users per month. Bling’s flagship app, Bitcoin Blast, has crossed over one million downloads from Google Play Store.

An Opportunity For Gaming Apps 

Amy Wan, CEO of Bling stated that these statistics show that people being stuck at home and bored during the lockdown. There is not just an increase in the number of users than before, but people are also spending more time on apps. Most of these users are located in the United States, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil.

Per Wan, this trend has been taking place for mobile gaming in general. Most companies in this period are observing more downloads and increased activity during the quarantine conditions around the world. Wan said:

“We think that this may be an opportunity for many folks who previously heard of Bitcoin but never got around to learning much about it to take that time to learn and collect some Bitcoin. Whereas many crypto companies focus on selling Bitcoin, our unique proposition is that we give it away for free through gameplay.”

She continued that the current situation is both “a blessing and a curse.” Yes, Bling is seeing more users spending more time in its apps. But the company’s advertisement revenue has also fallen because some advertisers are removing their advertisement spend due to economic scepticism.

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