Bitcoin Profits Help Couple to Build The First Ever “Seastead”

Girish Chugh

March 2, 2019 1:04 pm

Bitcoin Profits Help Couple to Build The First Ever "Seastead"
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For people unaware of the seastead, it’s a house that floats on water, enabling its inhabitants to live in international oceans and outside of the laws of any nation.

An early Bitcoin investor has built the first “seastead” courtesy of his BTC profits. It was supposed to launch on the tenth anniversary of the Bitcoin network, but intense storms around Thailand resulted in the date being postponed until last month.

Bitcoin Profits Fund Oceanic Residential Project

The couple including Chad Elwartowski and Nadia Summergirl are reportedly the first ones to make ocean their permanent residence, surpassing the boundaries of land. Assistance from Ocean Builders, a start-up that aims to help individuals establish their homes in the ocean, has supported the pair to build the first seastead.

The couple has funded their floating home project using the money earned from early Bitcoin investments. The ocean house cost them around $150,000, which is a bit ($30,000) more than the original budget. It measures six meters square, with octagonal shape sustaining two floors.

According to a report published on Reason, Elwartowski previously explored other areas, including “Free State Project, Libertarian Party elections, and the Ron Paul campaign,” to quench his thirst for an absolute free life. Also, Summergirl is just as excited about the concept. She asserted that she was sick of people discussing the idea of building floating communities, while only a few working hard to make it a reality. She’s happy that the project is happening near her home country Thailand.

“I just wanted to get seasteading to happen for real. I want to make it happen here in Thailand.”

The couple’s new home has been floating on the water since early February. Both Elwartowski and Summergirl are making rounds to land to tidy up some business before permanently settling in their house in the ocean.

The pair hasn’t sought Thai government’s approval for their new house. Elwartowski noted:

“We have been keeping under the radar so far, but we follow all the laws of Thailand so it’s as if we’re just living on a boat in the water as far as they’re concerned… All we expect from the Thai government is that they follow international law. We will be doing the same. But Nadia and I aren’t doing anything we can’t do on land.”

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