Bitcoin's Price To Fall Lower Than $3,000
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Bitcoin’s Price To Fall Lower Than $3,000

According to Digital Assets Founder, Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin has “lower to go” despite its surge to above $4,000 last week. Pompliano, who is an active markets commentator on social media, has become the latest personality to claim that Bitcoin’s value will only go down once the price slips down to …

Bitcoin is Growing above $10,000 and Predictors Expects New High in July

Predictors expect Bitcoin to reach a new high in July, Since it his growing beyond $10,000 Bitcoin grew more than $10,000 on Thursday for the first time in more than two weeks, since the investors purchased the cryptocurrency after falling 70 percent from its all-time top growth in mid-December. Bitcoin …

Huge hit: Bitcoin drops below $9000

Bitcoin price has dipped below $9k, this is the lowest amount in past 2 months. As per Coindelite Bitcoin Price Index has reached as low as $8932.89, and this happened just after the market opened above $10000. As bitcoin dropped below $9000 this was the biggest hit since late November …

Presently is the Best Time to put Resources into Bitcoin, says Cryptocurrency Support Hedge-Fund Manager

Cryptocurrency support hedge-fund manager said this is the best time to put resources into bitcoin Price drops don’t signify “the end of bitcoin,” says Brian Kelly. * The cryptocurrency hedge-fund manager has three hints for putting resources into the unstable resource. Market watchers ought to contribute to bitcoin now that costs are down, …

The Tax Authority in India is sending Notices to Crypto Traders due to the Unreported Investments | Coindelite News

What’s Behind the Latest Cryptocurrency drop

The reason behind the Latest Cryptocurrency drop Last few months 2017 its been a good year for Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the topper of the year and managed to reach $20,000 for a single Bitcoin. Similar way Ethereum and Ripple managed to grow 30 to 40 …

Bitcoin boost drive 2017's best-performing ETFs | Coindelite News

Bitcoin boost drive 2017’s best-performing ETFs

Bitcoin News   The surge in the estimation of bitcoin a year ago helped a New York venture boutique assert the title of best-performing exchange store of 2017.   Ark Investments, which spends significant time in Strategies based on new technologies and innovation, included a presentation to bitcoin in the …

Bitcoin Price grows and the Market Value reached a new Record | Coindelite News

Bitcoin Price grows and the Market Value reached a new Record

Bitcoin Price Today From the beginning of 2018, the price of a single bitcoin has grown by approximately 12%. At 13:57 UTC, bitcoin’s price was trending at $15,100, up from 24 hours. The growth gets a slide in the cryptocurrency‘s price during the end of 2017. Even if it has got …

Blockchain Capital partner says bitcoin will reach more than $50,000 in 2018 | Coindelite News

Blockchain Capital partner says bitcoin will reach more than $50,000 in 2018

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018 Bitcoin can possibly reach $50,000 in 2018 as a result of developing enthusiasm among both retail and institutional investors, Blockchain Capital accomplice Spencer Bogart said.   Bogart said he the value will develop for both digital forms of money and blockchain businesses. One of bitcoin’s greatest bulls …

Ark Investment's CEO says, Bitcoin is Bigger Idea than Apple | Coindelite News

Ark Investment’s CEO says, Bitcoin is Bigger Idea than Apple

Bitcoin News Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Investment Management, told CNBC that bitcoin is a “bigger idea” than Apple. Catherine said: “I know a lot of people say, ‘don’t compare this to Apple, which is nearing a trillion dollars, but this is so much bigger than even Apple, which is a …

Bitcoin is back and has reached $16,000 the Rebound Begins | Coindelite News

Bitcoin is back and has reached $16,000 the Rebound Begins

Bitcoin Price Today Bitcoin price surged to $16,000 on Tuesday since traders of the world’s largest cryptocurrency attempted to draw a line under its roller coater five-days drop. Bitcoin’s price improved by 16% to as much as $16,039.51, the biggest profit on a closing basis than two weeks and the …