Bitcoin Jesus Plans Crypto Exchange

Karan Balwani

October 12, 2018 12:40 pm

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Bitcoin Jesus Plans Crypto Exchange
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Roger Ver, often referred to as “Bitcoin Jesus” is looking to open his own cryptocurrency exchange. This nickname was given to him due to the fact that he was one of the first individuals to invest in Bitcoin. Ver currently serves as a CEO at

Ver came under a lot of controversies when in 2017 he shifted his interest from Bitcoin towards Bitcoin Cash. Following the hard fork that Bitcoin experienced, Bitcoin Cash has appreciated in value.

In the recent interview, Ver said that he is looking for a partner which would help him create a new trading platform. He also said that he intends to build the exchange from the ground up.

Ver said

“If we build it ourselves, we can do it real cheap, and we get exactly what we want, but we don’t have the security of a battle-tested exchange that’s been around for a while.”

He further said that he wants to use the traffic that his website is already generating and this will help boost his services which range from wallet operation and cryptocurrency news. He is also planning to encourage the use of Bitcoin Cash which he believes is struggling to gain traction in the market. had switched from BTC wallets and transactions to Bitcoin Cash without initial intimation to its customers. Critics have spoken out about this move saying that the company planned on capitalizing on the confusion among users regarding Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Since Google ranked on the first spot, users were not aware that the platform would be pushing Bitcoin Cash instead.

Ver further commented that Bitcoin Cash has the potential of a hard split later in this year. Although he is a prominent figure in the crypto community, he is bound to face increasing competition from the various exchanges on the market.

Coinbase, one of the biggest exchanges in the United States gained an additional 100,000 new customers during the Bitcoin rush in late 2017. Ver isn’t worried about the competition, on the contrary, he appears surprisingly confident. He says

“The exchange will be posted to, so we’ll have thousands or tens of thousands of new users every single day.”

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