Bitcoin Breaks another Record with $12K!

Nishanth Shetty

Nishanth Shetty

December 6, 2017 6:37 am

Bitcoin Breaks another Record with $12K! | Coindelite News
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Bitcoin News

Bitcoin has hit $12,000 and a $200 billion market cap on Tuesday before correcting as prices continue their remarkable week-long surge.

The other major exchanges such as Coinbase, Bitstramp, Kraken and other trade around $11,850 at the press time, after all the Bitcoin price has reached to $12,190 as of now.


For the first time, Bitcoin has crossed the new level, as constantly growing all the way from $9,200 from past few days.

The step of progress comes ass the prospect of a Wall Street influx through the regulated Bitcoin future which will be arriving on 10 and 18 as CBOE and CME Group enters the market.

Bitcoin forks are significantly becoming the talk of speculative crypto investment world with a host of Bitcoin “impersonators’ listed up to debut in this month.

Anyhow, extant forks have been failed to be matched with the BTC’s progress, Bitcoin Cash up 1.7% in 24 hours and the Bitcoin Gold is posting the flat performance for the same period.

As the difference, privacy-focused altcoin Monero continues as the clear altcoin winner, advancing another 22% on Tuesday to hit its own all-time highs of $240.

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