BBOD – World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Karan Balwani

August 10, 2018 3:56 pm

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BBOD - World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Trading Platform
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Blockchain Board of Derivatives (BBOD) partnered with GMEX Fusion Technology Suite to launch the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency trading platform. The announcement was done in Cambridge, London.

Chris Urbanowicz first pitched the idea of this platform over 8 years ago. He was ridiculed by the potential investors at the time. Fast forward to this year, Chris is hailed as a tech wizard. One of the few people in the world who saw the massive potential of blockchain technology when it was first unveiled.

Chris has a Ph.D. in econophysics and he has devoted his career to traditional economics and quantitative trading. Though he still wanted to achieve something significant. He embarked on a search for like-minded economists to bring his idea to reality. After years of planning, funding, and development, the platform has finally launched.

Normally, when people are looking to trade in cryptocurrency, they have the option to choose either a centralized or decentralized trading platform. Centralized exchanges offer quick transactions through their security is comparatively weaker. On the other hand, Decentralized platforms are highly secure but the transactional speed is slow with limited trading options.

BBOD has provided a solution by combining these two exchanges to create a hybrid trading platform. Each trader is required to create their own wallet which is made specifically for trading on BBOD. These wallets are further connected to a high-speed centralized engine that is backed by smart contracts. The engine works on GMEX Fusion Technology Suite’s platform and is capable of processing 1,250,000 transactions in a second with a latency of 75 microseconds.

BBOD offers plenty of P2P contracts including Ethereum-Dollar, Bitcoin-Ethereum, and Ripple-Ethereum. 

It’s interesting to see these innovations in the FinTech and Cryptocurrency market. Users now have plenty of trading options apart from the traditional offerings.

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