Another Bitcoin Trading Product Launch by CME


May 17, 2020 7:24 am

Another Bitcoin Trading Product Launch by CME
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Mainstream market exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), recently posted record numbers for its Bitcoin (BTC) trading products. 

May 14 returned an open interest of 10,792 Bitcoin futures trading contracts at CME, totalling 53,960 BTC an all-time high for the product.

Per the information by a CME representative, another record was also registered 66 large open interest holders (LOIH), on May 4. The CME representative noted these LOIH figures, in particular, indicate added involvement from institutions. 

Performance of CME Bitcoin Options Since Launch

With the launch of CME Bitcoin futures trading product, it largely opened the door for mainstream Bitcoin participation in December 2017. In 2020, CME released its another crypto trading product with its Bitcoin options launch. 

The CME representative admitted that CME has seen approximately 5,000 of these contracts trade, equal to about 25,000 BTC in total volume, since its BTC options inauguration. 


Two other CME crypto trading records hosted on May 13 and May 14. The outfit’s Bitcoin options product hosted 4,389 BTC worth of contracts, an all-time high volume for the product and record open interest valued at 14,535 BTC worth of contracts as well. 

Contradictory to CME’s growth, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in Dec 2017, after launching BTC futures, pulled out of the Bitcoin trading race roughly a year and a half. In March 2019, right before BTC started its rally to $13,900, the CBOE withdrew its product from the shelves.

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