American Nightlife Association Adapts Cryptocurrencies

Karan Balwani

September 15, 2018 12:21 pm

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American Nightlife Association Adapts Cryptocurrencies
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The American Nightlife Association (ANA) is formed a new partnership. This collaboration has enabled the association to accept payments in digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies. Paytomat is the partner in question, a decentralized payment system which is helping the American Nightlife Association to build a platform which features over 30,000 member merchants. These merchants include event venues, nightclubs, bars and more.

So the next time you are partying at your favorite bar, you can pay your bills using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Paytomat is a new player and is using its partnership with ANA to enter the American market. It will help in setting up a network of partners which will allow the establishment of the needed regulatory framework to make cryptocurrency payments in various outlets a reality.

Lev Filimonov, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, ANA said that this new mode of payment will help the members of these outlets stand out.

His news release also mentioned:

“One of the association’s key goals is providing nightlife professionals with trends, tools, resources, and strategies to help them increase performance and revenues. Accepting cryptocurrencies in a business is a competitive advantage and a marketing booster.”

Yurii Olentir, Founder and CEO, Paytomat, explained that the nightclub industry is an immense market where the consumers and merchant are more than happy to accept cryptocurrencies in payments. This makes the partnership effective on both sides.

Yurii said, “Together we’ll develop and implement an effective strategy to quickly engage retailers from across the country, ramp up volume and sales.”

Notably, Las Vegas started accepting payment in cryptocurrencies a few months ago. This partnership between ANA and Paytomat will help cryptocurrencies go mainstream.

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