What can you buy with Bitcoin?

What can you buy with Bitcoin? | Coindelite Learn Bitcoin

A lot of online platforms/industries have decided to accept bitcoin in exchange for goods as well as services. Maximum of them are e-commerce sites, but increasingly, many bricks-and-mortar stores are also starting to accept cryptocurrency.


The most suitable way to find bitcoin-accepting merchants is through marketplaces and aggregator websites that collect large numbers of supporting achievements altogether. You might wonder after knowing where you can spend your cryptocurrency. Have a look at the following points to know the things you can buy with Bitcoin.

1. Flights

Now you can buy flights’ tickets through bitcoin. There are two ways to do so; one is via the described Travel For Coins website, and the second one is via the California-based online travel booking website, Cheap Air. CheapAir.com proposes you to book a round-trip, one-way, as well as multi-city flights through Bitcoin.


2. Hotel

Bitcoin is available not only for digital goods and services but also for much more. To consider as an example, the hotel chain Howard Johnson readily accepts Bitcoin payments, and even they own locations all over the world. If there is any other hotel that you want to book, but it doesn’t allow bitcoin payment, then you may book through a site TravelForCoins.com that works as an intermediary between you and the hotel group. Just book your travel plans via TravelForCoins through Bitcoins, and they’ll be paying for your hotel using fiat currency. Your room/flight will be booked with the name you would have provided to TravelForCoins.


3. VPN Services

If you are also among people who intend to deal in a currency that remains untraceable, then you might be interested in controlling the Internet through a virtual private network (VPN) that offers you to browse the web secretly. VPNs encrypt your data to secure your information on public systems. VPNs are also capable of showing that your web traffic is coming from a distinct geographical location, through which you can access websites that might not be open to being used in your country. Some of the VPN services that accept bitcoin payments are Private Internet Access, and NordVPN does.


4. College Degree

Not just hotel groups, and flights, but colleges and some of the universities have also started to allow payments done via bitcoin. Some of the colleges have already allowed students to pay their tuition as well as other fees via bitcoin. The University of Nicosia located in Cyprus was the first one to enable Bitcoin payments. The University of Cumbria in the UK, and the U.S. school King’s College in New York City also accept Bitcoin payments.


5. Computers

Dell, the consumer electronics company, has started accepting Bitcoin payments in partnership with Coinbase. You just have to add your laptop, tablet, or other Dell system to your cart, and then opt for the Bitcoin option while checking out.


6. Jewellry

A lot of jewellry stores have initiated accepting Bitcoin payments that mean you can now purchase engagement rings, loose diamond pieces, and watches using your Bitcoins. Reeds Jewelers is one of the well-known jewellery chains that accept Bitcoins as a payment option. You just have to select the “Pay with Bitcoin” option at the time of checkout.


7. Pizza

Good news! Pizza can also be ordered using virtual currency. The site PizzaForCoins.com makes it convenient to order pizza through your cryptocurrency. Just place your order with Bitcoin, and the website will pass your order to the corresponding store. Then you only have to wait for the pizza to come while sitting on your couch comfortably. This site functions with local Pizza Hut, Papa John restaurants, and Domino’s.


8. Gift Cards

If you intend to expense your Bitcoins, but the site from which you want to place an order, doesn’t allow it, you can go with Gyft.com. This site provides you with an option to buy gift cards from more than 200 retailers and maintains your gift card balance amount from any device. Now you can ask for anything starting from tea/coffee to hotel rooms/flights’ tickets if you have enough bitcoins. Purchase the cards through Bitcoin, and then utilize them to shop at your desired stores.


9. Windows Apps

You can also make Windows app purchases through Bitcoin. Microsoft offers its US-based customers to use Bitcoin to add money to their respective accounts that they may use to make a game, an app, or a video purchase for their Windows computer, Xbox, or phone.


10. Bars & restaurants

Some of the Bars and restaurants also accept bitcoin payments. Bitcoin.Travel is a site that offers a mappable list of apartments, accommodation, beauty salons, attractions, and bars all over the world. Coinmap also manages an international database of establishments.

Considering food and drink, there are alternatives to spend bitcoins rather than directly accepting them.

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