Top 7 Eco-friendly ICOs emerging in 2018

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ICO to save environment?? What a unique idea with a beautiful motive!!ICO to save environment?? What a unique idea with a beautiful motive!! Let us take a glance at the top 7 ICOs involved in these kinds of projects that contribute to the well-being of the environment.

1. World Power Production (WPP)

WPP plans to follow 3 main business strategies as mentioned below:

a. GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS. WPP’s existing renewable energy contracts with various governments around the world, valued at over $50B, starting with an initial focus on $6B USD starting in December 2018.

b. GLOBAL GREEN ENERGY PLATFORM to be deployed to capture power production data from Green Energy producers around the world. WPP EXCHANGE PLATFORM to be deployed and will aggregate the various Energy and Crypto Mining Cryptocurrencies in the marketplace into a new exchange platform.

c. The upcoming release of three advanced game-changing disruptive energy technology solutions will
solve many energy problems around the world.

ICO Details


Private Sale Price: $0.16Pre ITO Sale Price: $0.20

Pre ITO Sale Terms: flat rate that does not change over the 57 days, commencing July 6th and ending 57 days later on September 1st.

To participate visit:

2. Organicco

It was set up in January 2017, by a team who for over 10 years, developed a number of green technologies for transforming unwanted organic materials into useful saleable products. Our team consists of experienced fabricators, engineers, project managers and excellent back office support staff. Their team consists of experienced fabricators, engineers, project managers and excellent back office support staff. Focused primarily on green technology related products, the funds raised will be used to develop projects via our subsidiary companies to create natural capitals such as organic fertilizers for food production, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable energy and renewable fuels.

ICO Details

Pre ICO: 2018-06-06ORC Token: 60000000

Price (GBP): 0.50

For more information, please visit:

3. Cyclean

With Cyclean, you can rent CyClean product with CyClean coin and vice-versa become part of the complete cycle.

Users will be able to rent CyClean products (ranging from in-door bike, electric bicycle, electric motorbike, electric car, and ESS sunlight energy unit) then get emission (sort of mining) for using such products (based on KM traveled, or KWatts produced). CyClean is a reward for replacing exhaust fumes and previous ways of energy production. Such an approach not only motivates a large group of people to combat environmental problems but also promote long-term usages that will have a real effect. All of these are possible with smart contract features. The weight of CyClean vehicles will vary; for example, a CyClean car will mine more green emission compared to a CyClean indoor bike. Cyclean strives to achieve its vision of promoting clean and green energy.

To Know more visit:

4. Save Environment Token (SET)

In today’s environmental pollution concerns and climate change effects, an offering from Wardwizard Joy E-Bike assists in reducing the carbon footprint by zero emissions and hence helps in maintaining good health and fitness level.

SET has few products already available, which are absolutely environment-friendly like e-cycle, air purifier, and outdoor air pollution controller. You may use this token to find discount while purchasing our goods or use our services and visit

ICO Details

Total number of tokens: 45 MillionToken Price : 1 SET = 0.90 USD

Soft Cap: 5,000,000 SET

SETICO Start Date: 5th September 2018

ICO End Date: 3rd November 2018

5. Zero carbon Project (Energis Token)

Climate change poses catastrophic risks with uncertain timeframes. Renewable energy technologies are responding well but they remain too expensive and so their impact on carbon emissions is slow. Consumers are concerned about climate change but they continue to choose more affordable electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Suppliers of zero carbon energy can source from fossil fuels but pay a small premium to offset the carbon emissions using international carbon credits. To cover the carbon offset premium in order to beat fossil fuel prices, our Market applies intense competition by attracting a wide range of suppliers to Market with their best zero carbon energy prices, tailored specifically to our consumer’s size, location, and usage pattern.

Energis tokens have been designed to be valuable in order to provide the catalyst for change and provide incentives for consumers to contribute towards tackling climate change. Smart contracts have been deployed to the blockchain to manage the use and flow of Energis token transactions in the Energis economy.

ICO Details

Tokens total supply available 240,000,000

Tokens for sale 115,000,000Hard cap USD 20,000,000*

Soft cap USD 2,000,000* (for public token sale only)

Base Token price USD 0.20*

You can participate through this link:

6. Solarex

Solarex energy solution aims to become the largest, most efficient and sustainable solar energy provider in Africa, offering energy at a cheap and affordable price for all, and setting a new standard for energy consumption and relentlessly focusing on customer satisfaction at all times. The Powering Africa Project is a disruptive, decentralized and democratized solar energy project with the purpose to build a solar energy ecosystem that is clean and affordable for everyone.

ICO Details:

Token SRX

PreICO Price 1 SRX = 0.05 USD

Price 1 SRX = 0.06 USD Bonus Available

Bounty Available

Platform Ethereum

Accepting BTC, ETH, LTCSoft cap 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap 120,000,000 USD


7. Green X

GreenX is a blockchain ecosystem that enables individual and institutional investors to discover and invest in lucrative, low-risk renewable energy projects around the world.

Developers of renewable energy projects often find it difficult to raise funding for their projects as these projects are generally capital-intensive and require large capital investments. On the other side, institutional investors in renewable energy projects often face considerable risk of having to invest in one to few mega projects due to liquidity limits with their investment funds as the length of the development timeline of these projects can be long. In addition, most of the individual investors are not able to participate in these projects directly as more often than not they have a minimal contribution requirement, sometimes as high as $100,000.

GreenX solves the problems of both developers and investors by building an ecosystem that includes two global marketplaces – the GreenX Capital Market and the GreenX Global Exchange. The GreenX Capital Market is a crowdfunding platform built on blockchain technology, while the GreenX Global Exchange is an energy investment marketplace that operates globally.

ICO Details:

Price 1 GEX = 0.20 USD

Bounty AvailablePlatform Ethereum

Accepting ETHSoft cap 2,500 ETH

Hard cap 225,000,000 GEX


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