The Quras Airdrop Program has Ended

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The Quras Airdrop Program has Ended
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The Quras Airdrop was hosted by, the program achieved its goals in under 72 hours, making it an impressive feat of user engagement. The Airdrop was aimed towards reaching a target user base of 50,000 people, distributing 3 million tokens. The Quras community is overwhelmed with the support it received from new users. This goes to show how serious internet users are about data privacy and security. 

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Quras is a platform that offers secure data storage for all of your IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the cloud. This service allows you to increase the security of your data. It enables users to safely share their data among their various IoT devices.

Quras employs smart contracts that provide users with untraceable transactions. These privacy-oriented transactions take place on a secure platform in the cloud for anonymous access. 

The idea was originally built to securely store data for the healthcare industry. Over time, the Quras team realized the need for the market to provide enhanced security to new and existing businesses.

Quras employs state-of-the-art encryption system which protects the users’ data from snooping and hacks. By the inclusion of blockchain, every transaction is now significantly faster and the data is incorruptible thanks to the underlying technology.

Furthermore, users can earn Quras coin by using the built-in real trade function, P2P chat, social function and by making calls. This helps further refine the existing Quras community.

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