The Biggest Europe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference

The Biggest Europe Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference | Coindelite Press Releases
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9 July 2018 will take place at the Cryptospace Berlin, which will gather more than 1200 participants and 30 speakers from around the world.

1st Cryptospace conference took place in Moscow on December 8, 2017, with more than 3 000 delegates. It was the most significant crypto and blockchain event in Russia in 2017.

What is CryptoSpace Berlin?

CryptoSpace Berlin is the most significant European event where you’ll meet with the leading authorities in the field of blockchain! We’ll bring you into the opportunities and benefits of the blockchain, cybersecurity, regulation at the state level and the most important updates in the sphere.

It is a community of the representatives of large and medium-size businesses that are already working with blockchain technologies. You’ll hear from the experts about the pitfalls they’ve experienced to avoid the same mistakes. We can’t keep silent about the representatives of government who will let you in the latest news about the use of blockchain on the state level.

It is more than a thousand of participants, who are not only interested in the blockchain, as a today’s phenomenon, but they’re the ones creating the future! And that’s why we offer the high-quality content of the program and make the networking between participants and speakers both comfortable and productive.

We keep abreast of the blockchain technology development and prepare the exclusive content that will answer the most burning questions and will open up new opportunities for you! For gathering crypto-experts and interested in technology people we’ve chosen almost the center of Europe – Berlin!

Speakers who have Confirmed their Participation are:

Tone Vays – Content Creator, Derivatives Trader & Consultant;

Kristof van de Reck – Regional Head Europe, NEM foundation;

Malcolm Lerider – Senior R&D Manager – NEO Smart Economy;

Marc P. Bernegger – Serial web, fintech- and crypto-entrepreneur;

Max Kordek – Co-Founder and President of the Lisk Foundation;

Bruce Porter – CEO at Globalboost;

Juwan Lee – Investor, CEO NexChange and Arrakis Ventures, Organizer of Hong Kong Fintech Week;

Stijn Vander Straeten – CEO at Crypto Storage AG;

The conference will be held in two parallel sections:

Prospective Vision

This section is dedicated to discussing the possibilities of the technology, learning the prospects of blockchain application and immersing into the current stage with world’s top experts in the blockchain, tokenomics, cryptography and technological integration. As guests, you will join the analysis of what has been created so far and what the next generation of distributed ledgers will be focused on. The event gives you an opportunity to find out the latest updates in the world of blockchain technology.

Financial Insights

In this section, there will be discussed the financial aspect of the blockchain integration, the evolution of ICO and the advantages and risks of going into crypto and the chances worth catching in 2018.

The leading experts and entrepreneurs of the industry will share their knowledge and experience in trading, Initial Coin Offering and investment. The section gives you an opportunity to avoid unnecessary mistakes within your blockchain project by learning from the experience of others.


Facebook event:

Contact: [email protected]

Place and time:

9 July 2018 – 10:00 – 18:00

Venue: Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin, Germany – Vienna House.

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