The Benefits of Using CarnaLife

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The Benefits of Using CarnaLife
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Now that we have had the time to get acquainted with CarnaLife. Let’s have a closer look at how it can benefit all members of society.


Solo Medical Practitioners

There are plenty of doctors who prefer to practice solo medicine. The downside of this strategy is that the doctor is limited by the specialty in which he/she is trained. CarnaLife’s services allow doctors from various disciplines to help with the diagnosis and medical tests. For instance, a diabetologist can provide an EKG at the clinic location or directly at the patient’s home.

Small and Medium-Sized Clinics

Small and medium-sized clinics can provide inexpensive telemedicine services. Even in the absence of cardiology services, the CarnaLife system gives these clinics the option to expand their service package to include on and off-site EKG tests as per requirements. The home monitoring facility for patients will allow mid-sized clinics to provide additional capacity for new patients.

Large Clinics

The CarnaLife analytical telemedicine system provides the flexibility and convenience of managing patients more effectively. It enables the clinic to generate a new revenue stream for clinics. It also allows for a wider range of provided services, which in turn leads to increased healthcare quality.

Benefits for Physicians

  • Rapid payments – the mobile app will allow receiving of payments from patients quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced costs and time – Using AI, algorithms and cloud services all work will be focused on the necessary medical  exams.
  • Access to the new markets – Physicians can diagnose and cure patients across the globe.
  • Professional medical documentation – all reports will be presented in a standard medical documentation format
  • Brainstorming for problems with other specialists
  • More patients can be attended in lesser time.

Benefits for Patients

  • Safe medical data – all data is secure and encrypted. Users can choose which details are shared.
  • Access to facilities and from around the world
  • Discounted services with CarnaLife Token
  • Personalized diagnostic procedures
  • Treatment plans for specific diseases

Benefits for Clinics:

  • Extended Cardiology diagnostic services for patients
  • Revenue diversification
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Cost of medical tests remains unchanged
  • More tests can be performed in the same time
  • Additional tools provided for the patient’s health monitoring, providing a competitive advantage to clinics.
  • Digital repository of tests
  • Possibility to provide telemedicine services to other clinics
  • Mobile access (Android, iOS, Windows) to all clinic staff
  • Administrative account for user and patient management

As you can see, CarnaLife is a well-planned platform which is geared towards revolutionizing the way to look at healthcare.

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