CyClean’s ESS Solar Panels – Our Greatest Ally in Saving the Planet


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Solar energy is renewable, available in unlimited supply. It takes the rays of the sun and converts it into electricity. Solar energy is miles better than fossil fuels as it is emissions-free; this makes solar energy environmental-friendly. As a result, our carbon footprint can be significantly reduced.

The basic idea behind solar energy is artificial photosynthesis. As plants generate energy from the Sun for sustaining their life, solar devices harness the solar energy to generate electricity. Solar energy is truly the future of clean energy.

Massive amounts of earth’s resources are required in the generation of electricity. Whether it’s sourced from coal, thermal plans or nuclear energy, there is a lot of pollution and greenhouse gases that result from the process. In fact, electricity production is responsible for 28% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the US.

This energy can be used to generate electricity, heating water, space heating, cooking and cooling and process heat generation. More applications for solar energy are being devised. People are using solar panels to power their homes, charge their phones and more.

Companies like Apple have moved on to 100% renewable energy. This incredible feat was achieved through years of hard work and planning. Apple’s headquarters, offices, and retail stores are powered by solar and renewable energy resources. The company also wanted to set an example for others that switching to green energy is possible.

Solar panels trap the energy from the Sun by the use of photovoltaic cells. These cells are made out of silicone. When sunlight hits the panel, the silicon cells are charged which is responsible for electricity production. An inverter is needed before the energy can be utilized. Technologies have been developed that also allow you to store the excess electricity produced. This will allow you to use the energy during night time when solar energy is unavailable.

The upfront cost may be higher in solar products than conventional methods, however, the savings allow you to quickly recover these costs. The best part, you only need minimal, periodic maintenance, otherwise running these devices is completely free.

CyClean’s ESS Solar Panel allows you to harness solar energy. This panel also mines CCL tokens for you. Think about it, you get free electricity and earn tokens. This results in a drop in your utility bills which adds up to significant savings over time. This multi-fold strategy makes CyClean’s ESS Solar Panels highly desirable. You save money, help the environment, earn tokens while contributing towards a greener planet.

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