Set4Earth Launches a New Platform to Lend a Helping Hand to the Environment

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Set4Earth, simply known as SET (Save Environment Token) is a blockchain startup that has recently launched a new platform. This platform connects like-minded users to participate in the community-driven environmental action. It also provides funding for social enterprises.

“The aim is to create a community of like-minded people who want to protect the Earth for future generations.” Ravindran Nambiar, Chief Executive, SET.

In the past, Government bodies have been responsible for funding and promotion of environmentally friendly initiatives. SET intends to take this even further by enabling the community to direct efforts towards saving the planet.

SET goes a step beyond cryptocurrency, rewarding users for supporting this green initiative. SET coin can be used by investors to hire and purchase bikes as a way to reduce environmental pollution. Multic, a leading parking operator based in Poland has started to provide coin redemptions to the users for parking.

Additionally, the platform also provides products that reduce pollution such as car and home air purifiers. The startup promotes other eco-friendly products and devices and is aiming to create a framework for research and development for social enterprises. They also provide waste management solutions and solutions that focus on renewable energy sources.

This project began eight months ago as a means to create a greener environment. It consists of various Blockchain experts from United States, India and Australia. The platform has been opened for anyone to buy, sell or invest. The current price of a single token is $0.90 USD with 45 million tokens up for grabs.

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