Rilcoin: The First Ever Token Sale Supporting Asset Management System Has Been Announced

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Announcing Rilcoin ICO

Recently, Rilcoin is about to declare its Initial Coin Offering campaign. The company has set an aim to give new definition to the crypto investment platform by building an industry that can widen up the applications of blockchain to the most considerable extent.

Rilcoin is going to be a totally new platform for asset management systems which would provide a fresh perspective to financial instruments and investment tactics. It will offer individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies supported by Blockchain protection as well as real-world assets which would altogether avail a whole new manner of funding.

Investors are allowed to exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other currency to get Rilcoin to be used within the platform. Rilcoin will be a cryptocurrency based on some features equivalent to Fiat Currency. Some of the features which won’t be like fiat currency will be made favorable through smart contracts. The flexibility of Rilcoin to include some of the benefits of fiat currency makes it a unique one among all the other cryptocurrencies. It is going to be the first cryptocurrency involving qualities of fiat currency.

Giving priority to customer satisfaction by maintaining an expert team, Rilcoin would be easy to be understood by even those who don’t belong to a financial base, can propose significant earning leverages being in a volatile market.

Important Investment Instruments

  • CWF, i.e. “Connect World Funds” is one of the ways introduced for investors to buy tokens that indicate real-world investment funds offering to switch in between these funds via exchanging their coins. Rilcoin allows to purchase the new tokens through Connect World Funds, so now an individual only needs to check out the earned profit amounts.
  • Rilcoin platform proposes with Crypto-Funds Investments facility to invest in evolving crypto markets providing potential assets’ insights via cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. It is not necessary to spend higher amounts to get higher earnings; the platform introduces investors with best of the opportunities.
  • Rilcoin users are also provided with the Crowd-Funding facility so that they may perform operations according to the ideas of other investors. It gives leverage for getting knowledge of the economic as well as financial sectors coming from specific forums.

Rilcoin’s ICO

Recently, Rilcoin ICO will be launched on 1st November 2017. The company has set a motto to provide a new definition to the crypto investment network by making a system that can enlarge the applications of blockchain to the most considerable extent.

Investors who are going to participate in Rilcoin ICO will be rewarded with RIL tokens.
Currently, there are 30 Million of Rilcoin tokens for this particular level of the project. Each token costs $1.

Rilcoin tokens would represent Rilcoin shares as well as offer investors to purchase services at a more beneficial value in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. All of the investors will also be allowed to own a specific part of the dividends too.


Currency name: Rilcoin
Ticker: RIL
Start Date: November 1st, 2017; 00:00:00 UTC
End Date: January 29th, 2018; 00:00:00 UTC

How to be a part of ICO?

Any individual who is interested in participating in Rilcoin ICO can do it via . One has to fill the form on the official website to further get Rilcoin tokens in his/her associated wallet.

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