Participate In INCODIUM Weekly Contest And Win 10,000 INCO Tokens

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Participate In INCODIUM Weekly Contest And Win 10,000 INCO Tokens | Coindelite Press Releases
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Hacking is one of the biggest issues faced by crypto exchanges and individuals these days. According to a report, there have been more than 12 great hacks which have taken place since 2014. Most of us are already aware of Coincheck hack where the exchange lost more than $500 Millions. Securing our platforms from these issues is tough. As the market continually grows, the number of scams are increasing.

Incodium coin (INCO) is built to provide compensation for exchange hacking damage and Incodium platform secures and increases the value of cryptocurrency market. Incodium’s underlying technology operates on Smart Compensation which offers one-stop solution against exchange hacking.

The INCODIUM connectivity platform is a revenue model which is offered for its users. The service is accessible through INCODIUM Mobile Wallet App. INCODIUM’s ecosystem sustains damage compensation services and offers its users to use several utility functions.


After a successful and one of the largest Airdrop in the crypto space, INCODIUM is running a contest from 14/08/2018 to 21/08/2018 for its Medium and Reddit users. This is one of the biggest competition organized by INCODIUM in August 2018.

Follow these steps to win 10,000 INCO Tokens:

– Follow INCODIUM on Medium and Reddit.

– Like, Share, Comment on INCODIUM Posts.

This contest will be held for one week, and INCODIUM team will select Ten LUCKY winners from Medium and Ten LUCKY winners from Reddit. The winners’ list will be announced in the second week.

Where can you earn and spend INCO coins?

Crowd Buying

INCO’s built-in voting system offers crowdsourced purchases for high-valued items. These items can be sold later while sharing profits.

Retail Payments

Incodium, Union Soft has partnered to build a POS software (patent pending) which allows INCO coin payments through the Incodium Mobile Wallet App.

Big Data

Users can receive rewards by offering data collection and watching advertisements.


INCO coin holders will be benefitted with exclusive access to Incodium’s e-commerce platform that offers ‘coin back’ rewards.

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