OryxCash Coins Second Airdrop Ends

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OryxCash Coins Second Airdrop Ends
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The OryxCash Coins Second Airdrop was hosted by Coindelite.com. The Airdrop began on 25th September 2018. The platform gained an additional 20,000 members during this event. The Airdrop provided 500,000 Oryx Cash Coins to its users. 

We are overwhelmed with the support we have received from our user base. This response demonstrates the user interest in our pursuit for an all-inclusive financial system.

As a community, we aim to launch an open platform with unmatched transparency to give access to startups to our state-of-the-art Nihilo blockchain, smart contracts, and token creation technology.

OryxCash provides the community with a complete financial ecosystem. The Oryx Cash platform is on a mission for global investment to promote social awareness opportunities for supporting charitable and humanitarian projects in a variety of municipal public goods sectors.

Our investment guidelines ensure that the organizations and groups that have collaborated with us add value and enhance the “Human Development” equation for all walks of life.

Furthermore, OryxCash has struck a partnership with Rotary Tanzania which is a part of Rotary International. We will continue to give back to the community. In fact, every fund raised during our upcoming ICO will donate 0.5 percent of the funds to Rotary Tanzania’s projects. 

We thank you for your continued support and we encourage you to be a part of our ICO.

For more information, kindly visit: https://oryxian.com

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