MediLiVes to Airdrop 100 Million MLIV Tokens

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From the time of its first use-case, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has revolutionized many industries. The use of Blockchain In healthcare industry is making Digital Healthcare safer, faster, more reachable and more innovative.

Medi-Science International, a UK based innovative healthcare and telemedicine company realized the need for faster, better patient care, more accurate analysis, on-demand access to medical data and hence launched MediLiVes an innovative artificial intelligence-based telemedicine system.

In one of his interviews on Reuters, Sunny Ahonsi, CEO of MediLiVes said: ” The MediLiVes platform is built for everyone in our eco-system and it is built to revolutionize the telemedicine and healthcare industry forever.”

Full interview:

It is well known that telemedicine is a rapidly growing industry which has the potential to revolutionize the way we look at healthcare. The current market size of this industry stands at $10.3 billion and is expected to reach $49.1 billion by the end of the year 2020.

MediLiVes is focused on the equitable application of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and big data in the field of telemedicine. The MediLiVes platform enables healthcare professionals and end-users (patients) to collect, store and harvest key findings from timely medical examinations data and the AI engine process this pseudonymous data to predict and prevent future health problems.

The application is capable of recognizing more than 20 irregularities in ECG/ EKG signals, making diagnosis significantly faster. There are more than 20 diagnostics which can be carried out using the MediLiVes compatible devices. The application can read data from connected healthcare apps like ‘Apple health’, ‘Samsung health’ apps to name a few.

MediLiVes team has announced its first Airdrop to give away 100 million MLIV tokens.

To Join MediLiVes
This airdrop is giving away MLIV (ERC-20) tokens.
1. Total tokens allocated to the airdrop: 100 Million MLIV tokens
2. Token value in USD is USD 0.008.
3. Joining Bonus: 1200 MLIV tokens (~ $10)
4. Referral Bonus: 600 MLIV Token (~$5)

How to Participate?
You can participate in the MediLiVes Airdrop Program through the MediLiVes Telegram

The Telegram Bot will provide you with the steps to follow:
-> Join MediLiVes Telegram Group:

-> Join MediLiVes Telegram Channel:

-> Follow MediLives on Twitter & leave a positive Tweet:

-> Follow MediLiVes on Facebook & leave a positive Post or make a recommendation:
-> Subscribe to the MediLiVes Youtube Channel:

-> Register on MediLiVes Website & Submit the email address to the BOT: …. (100 extra tokens for this step)

Note: Please follow all the steps provided by the Airdrop Bot. Do not post your wallet address in the Telegram group/chat.

For more details about MediLives project, find these useful links below:

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