Key Highlights from Solid Waste Management Project by SET

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Solid waste management is the process in which all the waste that is produced is separated into different types of garbage. Also, the waste which can be recycled is separated from the bunch as is treated accordingly to reduce its impact on the environment.

Given the amount of waste that is produced across the world. It’s worrisome to see that we are wasting millions of tons of resources, food, and other items daily which has led to the global accumulation of garbage.

The first world countries have come up with a solution to get rid of their waste problem by paying developing nations for allowing them to dump their trash onto the developing countries’ lands for a fee. This ends up solving the problem for the waste producer, however, the waste is still present and its a problem for our planet.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also known as the Pacific trash vortex are zones across the Pacific ocean where plastic, floating trash and other waste is has been collected over the years. These patches are estimated to be in the size range of 700,000-15,000,000 square kilometers. This was has caused a havoc on the ocean’s ecosystem. It pollutes our water bodies. The fish and other marine animals get poisoned and killed by this trash, humans catch these fish and eat them. This leads to the poisoning of our bodies thanks to the waste that we produced. This waste also consists of plastic, chemical remains and other trash that is trapped through the movement of water currents.

SET has taken several measures to revolutionize the way solid waste is treated. The platform aims to restore the organic carbon in our soil that will help retain and enhance the fertility. They also plan to help drought-proof the soil to increase the overall moisture levels. This, in turn, will help improve the quality and the yield of the crop, reducing overall input cost of farming. This can be achieved by using chemical fertilizers along with the city compost. The collected plastic can be shredded into plastic films which can be utilized for building high-quality roads.

The Save Environment Token (SET) is an innovative way to reward the people who are adopting environmentally friendly products and technologies that will play a key role in improving our planet’s ecosystem.

People need to take responsibility when it comes to dumping their garbage. As of writing this post, there are billions of tons of waste that has ended up in landfills and our oceans. It is our responsibility and we need to take strict steps to control this widespread issue.

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