Key Highlights from CyClean CEO’s Speech at Blockchain Open 2018

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Key Highlights from CyClean CEO's Speech at Blockchain Open 2018
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CyClean was a part of the 2018 Blockchain Open forum last month that was organized in Seoul. CyClean members got the opportunity to spread their message through this platform on the first day of the forum.

Dae Young Kim, CEO, CyClean introduced the company’s ecosystem to the audience. He shared CyClean’s vision of solving our planet’s biggest problems – air pollution and energy production through blockchain technology.

In the speech, President Kim discussed the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how it is gradually leading us to create value. He also explained how CyClean’s ecosystem rewards its users through CCL tokens. Mr.Kim was also interviewed by Token Post, the leading news media on Blockchain in Korea.

The speech talked about the generation and usage of CyClean tokens in detail, providing comprehensive information to the audience. Mr. Kim expressed his dream of a day where gasoline cars would be completely replaced by electric and Hydrogen-powered cars.

The CCL tokens can be mined by using CyClean’s IMBIKE, Electric Scooters, Health bands and ESS Solar panels. The tokens can be used to rent CyClean’s bikes and electric motorcycles.

What’s more, these tokens are backed by JPAY payment gateway. This gateway is a popular payment option in stores. As CyClean is based on the JPAY platform, users will soon be able to purchase food and other items using CCL tokens.

Another benefit of using the JPAY platform is that it safeguards the users from the price fluctuations of the market. This helps strengthen user confidence in CyClean and its CCL tokens ecosystem.

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