KahnChat Public ICO Sale Is Ending On 28th February 2018

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Kahnchat’s digital wallet will promote the use of cryptocurrencies in the global market. Buyer/traders, as well as Investors in KCH Token, will be able to their crypto assets with FIAT Currencies. KahnChat will use a major part of the ICO fund for in-house research and development. KahnChat aims to develop Scalability solutions for slow blocks in the Ethereum Blockchain. This will enable easy migration of XMPP features found on IP protocol like instant content sharing which includes text, images, videos as well as important documents and files on the blockchain network.

KahnChat offers its heartfelt thanks to all investors who are making the ongoing third phase of its KCH ICO a resounding success. KahnChat’s KCH Token, ERC-20 based token from the Ethereum Blockchain, has garnered a great response from the Crypto and Blockchain Community. We thank each and everyone who is now part of the KahnChat Vision and welcome them aboard. We promise an exciting year ahead for all investors and partners.

Kahnchat aims to redefine the way people communicate and trade. The KahnChat App coupled with its digital Wallet features aims to set new industry standards in social media and digital payments.  Investors/Buyers will be able to use the KCH coins on the Kahnchat App as well as other cryptocurrency exchanges. KahnChat ICO is verified by Clearify.

KahnChat’s vision is to provide a seamless peer to peer transparent secure network underpinned by its own KCH token. At this juncture in time, Kahnchat is expanding its technical prowess to implement social media features on the blockchain network. The task is herculean and requires patience, effort, and most importantly funds.

The ICO gives KahnChat the opportunity to present its vision before the public eye. So far, the response to the ICO  has done few very important things for us:

Made us absolutely focused and resolved in our efforts.

Reaffirmed our belief that our idea is not a shot in the dark.

The response to the ongoing ICO has added new feathers to our hopes and aspirations. The experience to witness a game-changing technology unfold bit by bits before us is both surreal and assuring. At this point in time, Kahnchat would like to thank its investors for their unwavering faith in our vision.

The ongoing third phase of the KCH ICO ends this month. KahnChat is now offering special bonus schemes for its investors and well-wishers. We wish that those who have missed out on the opportunity until now, will his time grab it with both hands. We hope to see our community grow and prosper beyond the stretch of our imagination. KahnChat ICO sales are live now. Below are the details of the Bonus Schemes on offer for the ongoing ICO Phase 3.

Bonus Scheme 1:

Buy 250 KCH and Get X1 Extra Bonus

(Avg. 1 KCH = $0.90)

Example: Buy 200 KCH and get extra 200 KCH.

Total received 400 KCH

(Offer Valid until 28th Feb 2018)

Bonus Scheme 2:

Buy between 250 – 500 KCH And Get X3 Bonus

(Avg. 1 KCH = $0.45)

Example: Buy 250 KCH get extra 750 KCH.

Total received 1000 KCH

(Offer Valid until 28th Feb 2018)

Bonus Scheme 3:

Buy between 500 – 1500 KCH And get X5 Bonus

(Avg. 1 KCH = $0.30)

Example: Buy 500 KCH get extra 2500 KCH.

Total received 3000 KCH

(Offer Valid until 23rd Feb 2018)

Bonus Scheme 4:

Buy between 1500 – 2500 KCH And get X10 Bonus

(Avg. 1 KCH = 0.16)

Example: Buy 1500 KCH get extra 15000 KCH.

Total received 16500 KCH

(Offer Valid until 23rd Feb 2018)

Bonus Scheme 5:

Buy 2500+  KCH  And get X20 Bonus

(Avg. 1 KCH = 0.08)

Example: Buy 2500 KCH get extra 50000 KCH.

Total received 52500 KCH

(Offer Valid until 23rd Feb 2018)

Company Contacts

David Kan

+44 20 7193 7228


[email protected]



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