Ice Rock Mining – Sure Mining, Worth Contributing!

Ice Rock Mining (IRM) offers the most effective and gainful method for mining cryptocurrencies; the primary mining farm inside the cave. Its site and innovation make it conceivable to accomplish the one of a kind cryptocurrency mining that gives an ideal open door for all miners and investors.


Keep in mind the folks who would mine in the Soviet shelter? Unhesitatingly, they trusted that mining in this former Soviet military shelter is perfect. Considering the undertaking’s vital area with a kept up 12 degree Celsius temperature perfect for mining, thus, it will be zero cooling cost. The less expensive power supply additionally has a major big advantage for the project that will bring about higher benefit and lesser use.


There were a ton of doubters and what occurred now? Doubters are swinging to be supporters right now. It regards question, however, the procedure did not stop there, you should look for reality. We’re happy that doubters found the reality behind this task and comprehend the reason and importance of it; the motivation behind why we are currently on a similar side. Along these lines, in the event, if you still have questioned about IRM, you must do a similar procedure. Look for reality. Have your examination, read our whitepaper and participate in the forum discussion to set your final opinion and let’s see if you still doubt or support IRM.


Watch the video on YouTube. It would be extremely useful if you watch the video to understand the project. You can likewise observe it on their site at It clarifies the basic idea of the project and its preferences, exhibits a visual representation of the site and illustrates the innovation utilized as a part of it.


They really begin the undertaking and started to arrange hardware from Bitmain. The task is as of now began and still on the way toward solidifying structure and technology. Clearly, the roadmap of the task is executed in like manner. In fact, the CEO of Ice Rock Mining, Malik Murzashev visited Hong Kong with Bitmain to secure further access to obtaining a greater amount of their mining equipment. This coming day, hope to see the establishment of the hardware bought from Bitmain as the conveyance is planned mid-November this year.


It will be extremely heartbreaking if you miss this ICO. Miners and investors specialists should not miss this chance to become a part of this project the Ice Rock Mining. While capital expenses for mining the cryptocurrency are diminished by 25% making mining more proficient and practical coming about to ideal returns and maintained progress.


Building work is on the project. Among the different techniques for mining cryptocurrency, Ice Rock Mining picked cloud mining administrations that offer a normal of 20-35% less expensive than the normal market costs because of the amazingly low cost of the farm maintenance. Partaking in this task is totally justified, despite all the trouble on the grounds that the lower the support cost, the higher the profits.


IRM token is called ROCK token, an Ethereum Token (ERC-20) that gives the privilege to buy the IRM limit as indicated by the evaluating plan gave in the section pricing plan in our Whitepaper and in the site at At the time of ICO payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will be acknowledged and the cost per token will fluctuate depending upon the date of obtaining. Buying token is your key to your in the IRM world; to make and learn best out of it.


Try not to miss the ICO. Despite everything, you have an opportunity to join the primary ICO until November 8, 2017. Get it before you miss it. For additionally exciting facts you may visit their site at and check their online networking accounts. You may likewise read the main article about this task here for more data and foundation.



Company name: Ice Rock Mining

Company site:


Company contacts: @dias1990 ICO manager (telegram)

Tel: +77073030310 (WhatsApp, Skype)


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