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Great British Pound Token (GBPT) is a new technology that focuses on providing online store services to all internet shoppers. Internet shopping is growing rapidly because of its strength in faster shopping, wider selection, and lower price. Nonetheless, some risks which represent a fear of loss in a particular transaction are still perceived by consumers, which cool down people’s desire to purchase online so as to impede the development of e-commerce which leads for the GBPT team to build the Great British Pound Token ICO.

Problems facing the online shopping industry which “GBPT” aiming to fix

• Financial Risks

• Digital Payment Failures

• Quality Issues

• Additional Charges

• Unclear Return & Guarantee Policies

• Delivery

Great British Pound Token also aims to resolve some specific problems that the online shopping industry faces. It can be difficult for online shopping industry to keep up with the changes to technology and demographics. It is also challenging for the online shopping industry to achieve customer loyalty and retain recreational online shoppers given the highly competitive market.

GBPT Token Sale

The GBPT public sale will begin Dec. 15, 2018. Currently, you can Join the whitelist, and Great British Pound Token will contact you when that sale begins. The token sale will run until March 15, 2019. During the sale, there is a soft cap of $5 million USD and a hard cap of $35 million USD.

Referral Program:

     We will launch a GBPT token sale referral program to reward our community who are just as excited about the project as we are and spreading the word about the GBPT token sale!

The GBPT token sale referral program is open to anyone who participates in the GBPT sale.


     Great British Pound Token (GBPT) has made some deals with 3 electronic brands as they accepted to support the project with their electronic products at the moment but the contract is not yet officially signed and that will be done before the end of February with some more companies which GBPT have on the list to contact.

The brands who accepted to support the Great British Pound Token are

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • HP

The upcoming brands on the list which GBPT will contact are:

  • Dell
  • Apple
  • LG
  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Beats
  • Lenovo


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