FinTech company Ilumony opens the door to cryptocurrency investments

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FinTech company Ilumony opens the door to cryptocurrency investments


New Zealand-based FinTech startup Ilumony, an online financial services and robo-advice company, has released details of their newest product set Invsta, which simplifies cryptocurrency investing.

Invsta is an online cryptocurrency investment platform, offering a range of crypto-traded portfolios (CTPs) that help the wider public easily and confidently invest into a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and strategies.

Founders Rachel Strevens and Abhy Singla say the progression from traditional investment assets to include cryptocurrencies was a natural step that was accelerated due to customer demand. “We were getting a lot of interest and questions coming through from our traditional investment customers about cryptocurrencies, wanting to know if we could help them invest into these,” says Rachel.

“We found that globally there was huge interest to invest into cryptocurrencies, but that the majority of people didn’t know how to get started; they didn’t know what to invest into, and there were many more unknowns such as storage, security and trust.” Rachel goes on to say that, “while there has been a lot of hype and speculation around cryptocurrencies recently, we see this as an emerging asset class that will become more important over time, and we want to give our customers the opportunity and appropriate guidance to invest into this now.”

CTO Abhy had many years of working experience and investing with cryptocurrencies, and understood the pain points people were faced with. “We took our cryptocurrency experience, applied traditional investment market principles and expertise to help reduce the risk, and combined this with powerful machine learning algorithms to provide a really simple, yet diversified approach to cryptocurrency investing.”

Through the Invsta platform, customers can easily set up an account and access a range of cryptocurrency portfolios and strategies, including two high-frequency-trading (HFT) algorithm based portfolios, with more in the pipeline.

Abhy adds that, “I’m personally very excited about our HFT algorithm portfolios and the level of sophistication that these can add to a cryptocurrency investment strategy. It’s great to be able to make these kind of heavy-duty tools available to the general public via our platform.”

Currently in pre-beta testing with early users, people who are interested can find further information at and join the waitlist to get early access to the beta product release which is expected within the coming months.





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