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Dona Coin enables people to give back to the community through donations. Their motto is “making the world a little better”. This platform is built on distributed ledger technology based on the blockchain framework. Blockchain provides a secure, transparent and reliable platform to carry out transactions. This ensures that the donations reach the target users.

The Dona coin platform is aimed towards enabling the access to donations to a wider audience. This is achieved by increasing the transparency in the flow of donations through a community which shares common beliefs and best practices.

This platform allows users to give back to the community by encouraging investments in the society. It also helps by raising awareness, increasing interest and promoting empathy towards donation markets.

Dona coin provides a mechanism that will help in changing the views on donations. This will help improve the society as a whole and will uplift the members who are in need, improving their overall quality of life.

Here are the challenges that donations currently face:

  1. Allocation of funds

There are instances where the person making the contribution does not get to know how their donation is being used. Reliability and the organization and best practices are needed so that people can take part in charities with trust.

  1. Lack of User Awareness

There are thousands of charities that are in dire need of funds. However, most users are not familiar with the less-recognized ones and usually provide help to major NPOs who are well-established through their sources and reach.

  1. Remittance fees

The fees that are incurred by financial institutions for these transactions are usually high. This can include bank transfers, oversees fee, transaction charges, service charges and more.

  1. A gap in supply and demand

There are instances when the donations do not reach the target institution on time, which acts as a barrier for the funds to be used for the causes where it’s required the most.

The token issued by the platform is called Dona coin and has the symbol DNC. It is based on the NEM (Namespaces and Mosaics) blockchain platform.

The pre-sale for this token began in May 2018. The Stage 1 of the token sale is underway and will continue till 15th August 2018. What’s more, early adopters will enjoy 35% bonus tokens.

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