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Dakuce crossed its goal in 24 Hours! We are thrilled to announce that the DAKU Token airdrop is over and happy to share 5 million DAKU Tokens with our first 50,000 airdrop participants! The airdrop began 24 Hours prior, and our primary objective is to develop an Exchange by appropriating 5 Million DAKU tokens. The airdrop finished sooner than expected.

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about the Dakuce Exchange and the Airdrop program.

1. Is the Pre Sale over? What is the hard Cap? The Pre Sale is ongoing,

Please visit https://dakuce.com/memberCenter/ico/buyIco. The hard cap for the pre Sale is 15 Million DAKU.

2. How would I check the number of DAKU Tokens I am going to get from the airdrop? You can check the DAKU tokens by clicking on check my Balance in the BOT.

3. When will the airdrop tokens be distributed? The DAKU tokens will be distributed in 2 weeks after the ICO (Crowdsale) is over.

Airdrop participants will receive the DAKU Tokens in their respective ETH wallet addresses provided during the DAKU Airdrop Campaign registration. Please note: Do not give an exchange address. The Airdropped DAKU Can only be sent to My Ether Wallet ( https://myetherwallet.com) or a Hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

4. When will be the Dakuce Exchange live? The exchange is scheduled to go live on 15th July 2018.

5. When does the Pre-ICO ends? The Pre-ICO is scheduled to end on 12th July 2018.

6. Is there any vesting period for DAKU tokens I get from the airdrop? No, there is no vesting period as such, however, we recommend our token holders to hold the tokens as long as you can to get benefits of bonus income.

The Dakuce coin holder enjoys benefits in the form of discounts on trading fee:

1st Year: 25% Discounts

2nd Year: 12.5% Discounts

3rd Year: 6.25%

Discounts Thank you once again for participating in the Dakuce Airdrop! Stay tuned for updates!

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