CyClean Now Listed on Dobitrade Exchange

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CyClean Now Listed on Dobitrade Exchange
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Dobitrade, the world’s 5th largest cryptocurrency exchange has recently added CyClean’s CCL tokens to it’s expanding the portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Notably, Dobitrade manages over $380 million USD worth cryptocurrency transactions in a single working day.

This is a great opportunity for potential investors and users to get onboard with CyClean’s CCL tokens at a significantly lower price point. Furthermore, taking part in this Airdrop program will allow users to win additional CCL tokens.

For more information visit this link:

What is CyClean?

CyClean is a project that is dedicated towards the use of clean energy and resources. CyClean plans to achieve this feat using multiple methods. CyClean’s portfolio of products features indoor bikes, electric bicycle, electric bike, health band, and more. CyClean has also released games on both the App Store and Google’s Play Store which will allow users to play the game while using CyClean’s indoor bike.

The platform allows its users to earn CCL tokens by simply using their products. This reward system will allow more people to be a part of this movement towards a greener planet. Another reason why this strategy of mining is provided is that the traditional way of mining uses a significant amount of energy resources that are harmful to the environment.

How to Participate?

CCL deposit competition starts from 17th August to 1st September,

This Airdrop will be based on a ranking system. Rank 1 to 100 will be awarded bonus tokens based on the amount of CCL tokens deposited. The details are as follows:

Rank 1 – 150,000 CCL
Rank 2 – 140,000 CCL
Rank 3 – 130,000 CCL
Rank 4 – 120,000 CCL
Rank 5 – 110,000 CCL
Rank 6 to Rank 100 – 10,000 CCL

Get started with Dobitrade here:

Sign up at Dobitrade today and you can get listed within 1-2 days. This will give you plenty of time to buy CyClean’s CCL tokens using ETH once the listing has been completed. Early bird sign-ups will give you a chance to buy CCL tokens at a reduced price. Note that the prices will go up as time goes by.

For more information, please click on the links below:

Email: [email protected]

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