CyClean Launches Three Fun-Filled Games on the App Store

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CyClean Launches Three Fun-Filled Games on the App Store
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CyClean has launched multiple games on Apple’s App Store. All these games are compatible with IBIKE, allowing you to ride the bike which playing the games simultaneously. This allows users to get fit, earn tokens while also being entertained. This all-in-one solution is implemented to raise awareness and for promoting a greener environment.

1. Cat’s Run

The first game is called Cat’s Run. You get to control a cat while dodging obstacles and collecting coins. To stay alive, you need to travel as far as you can without running out of health. When playing this game on the IMBIKE, you turn the pedals of the bike to move the cat while using the buttons on the bike to avoid bumps and obstacles.

2. JikStar

The second game is called JikStar. The game is a classic shooter featuring aerial combat. You play the role of a cute hamster flying an airplane. The object of this game is to navigate the skies and shoot down dangerous cats. When playing this game on the IMBIKE, use the pedal to shoot weapons while the bike handles can be moved to navigate your aircraft.

3. Flee Fish

The third game takes you underwater. Flee Fish is a game where you are constantly under attack from an incredibly hungry shark while tackling various obstacles. The object of the game is to not get eaten. When playing this game on the IBIKE, you need to turn the pedals to control your movement speed and press the buttons on the handles to dodge the obstacles. Additionally, the game also tracks the distance traveled and calories burned during the session.

CyClean is a platform that offers a variety of Eco-friendly products including Fitness bands, indoor bikes, bicycles, and motorbikes. All of these products are completely free from emissions. 

CyClean has concentrated its efforts towards saving the environment and humanity as a whole. They reward the users with CCL tokens as an incentive for helping the environment. Download the apps today and combine your leisure time with reward-filled workouts.

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