CyClean Launches Eco-Friendly Scooter

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CyClean Launches Eco-Friendly Scooter
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After the unveiling of IMBIKE, the electric motorbike, CyClean has launched their scooter. This is a part of the product portfolio by CyClean which consists of Health band and Solar panels. After being teased at our meet-ups, the CyClean Electric Scooter has officially been announced.

The scooter is incredibly lightweight that helps reduce overall energy expenditure while boosting mileage. It features a LED heads-up display which allows you to monitor battery usage information at a glance. The easy-to-read digital dashboard will provide all the information on the  A smart stand is also built-in the scooter for enhancing safety.

You can choose between Eco and fast modes as per your requirement. The scooter runs on a 60V 20Ah Lithium-ion battery that can be charged directly from the vehicle. You can also remove the battery to charge it should the need arise. It takes about four hours for the battery to charge fully, which makes it great for quick charging during the day. 

This scooter offers a peak speed of 50 kilometers per hour. You can easily manage to drive 50 kilometers on a single charge. This scooter does not use fossil fuels, instead, it is completely electric. This means that it does not produce any air pollution. This scooter provides seating capacity for two, this makes it a great for traveling with friends.

Another benefit that this scooter has over its competitors is that the scooter does not produce any noise pollution. Say goodbye to the annoying sounds of the gasoline vehicle. In fact, the scooter is so silent while operating that you might not notice if it’s on.

This scooter features a minimalistic design which gives it a unique sense of style. The scooter comes in blue, matte yellow and white.

As you use this scooter, you can mine CyClean’s CCL tokens. These tokens will allow you to purchase Eco-friendly products at a discount. You can also trade these tokens should you prefer. This makes CyClean’s electric scooter a perfect travel buddy.

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