CyClean – A Move Towards a Greener Planet

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CyClean - A Move Towards a Greener Planet
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What is CyClean?

CyClean is a platform dedicated to reducing global pollution levels. cThe best way to tackle the problem is by encouraging the use of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles.

Air pollution is the biggest problem that humanity is facing. There are over 1.2 billion cars worldwide. This number is expected to reach the 2 billion mark by 2035. The exhaust release from these vehicles damages the health of all living species. Air pollution is destroying our eco-system and the planet as a whole. 

An increasing number of communities, countries, and organizations are coming together to devise a solution to curb air pollution. In fact, Costa Rica recently banned the use of fossil fuels in the nation. The country already derives 99% of its energy from renewable sources.

What makes CyClean stands out from the competition?

Instead of traditional mining, which uses a lot of electricity, CyClean offers reward tokens for using their products. These products help in reducing global emissions. The tokens can also be used for rental services using Smart Contracts. The company is currently operating in South Korea and plans to expand its market in South East Asia. The recent acquisition of Ketch’Up is a step in this direction.

CyClean offers an expansive portfolio of Eco-friendly products that are designed to reduce global carbon footprint. The company provides reward tokens to its users for adapting its environmental-friendly products. 

  • CyClean Wearable Band
  • CyClean Indoor Bike
  • CyClean Bicycle
  • CyClean Electric Motorbike
  • CyClean Sunlight Panel
  • CyClean Car (Under Research)

How to Participate

You can participate in the CCL Telegram Airdrop Program by speaking to our Telegram Bot:

The Telegram BOT will provide you with the steps that need to be performed:

Note: Please follow all the steps provided by the Airdrop BOT. Do not post your wallet address in Telegram group/chat.

Bonus CCL Tokens: Submit your details, join the group today and receive 40 CCL tokens.

Referral Bonus: A unique referral link is generated upon completed submission, which rewards users 20 tokens per friend.

Who is Eligible for the CCL Airdrop?

All users are eligible for the CCL Airdrop as long as all the given steps are completed. Current community members are eligible for the Airdrop. Joining and referral bonus will be provided to new users.

When do I get my CCL tokens?

The CCL tokens will be distributed once the ICO is over.

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