ConcertVR Airdrop is NOW LIVE! [Announcement]

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The ConcertVR Team is very happy to announce the CVT Token Airdrop Campaign. This is another step towards growing and giving back to the community.

“Imagine you could enjoy concerts from all around the globe in real-time without leaving your home!”

Join our the Pre-sale ICO and become a part of the concertVR family. The Main ICO will be live from April 15th to May 15th and will lead to a market capitalization capped at 60,000 ETH

The fixed cost of a single concertVR Token (CVT) shall be 0.00015 ETH.

What are CVT Tokens?

ConcertVR will create its own currency CVT which will be initially fixed to Ethereum and can be used as a payment for the live or on-demand concerts and songs purchased. In the long run, concertVRs blockchain will help to make the so far unsatisfying ecosystem of the music industry and its technologies behind more fair to the artist. He/ she will be treated as an equal partner and shall be fairly rewarded for the value created.

What is the CVT Airdrop Campaign?

As a gesture of respect to the community, ConcertVR has decided to Airdrop 1,000,000 CVT tokens to the present and future community members. How do I Participate in the Airdrop? Start here with the CVT Telegram Airdrop Program and speak to our Telegram Bot:

The Telegram BOT will ask you to perform the following steps:

1). Join Telegram Group

2). Follow Twitter

3). Follow Facebook

4). Enter Email Address

5). Enter ETH Wallet address Note: Please follow all the steps suggested by the Airdrop BOT and do not paste your ETH wallet address in the Telegram Group/ Chat.

Bonus CVT Tokens:

Submit all of your details to become eligible for the CVT Airdrop and join the channel for 200 CVT Tokens. A unique referral link will be generated for you after completing this submission. If you invite your friends to the Airdrop, you will Receive 50 extra CVT Tokens per friend that you refer!

Are you Eligible for the CVT Airdrop?

Everyone is Eligible! Just as long as you complete the above steps. All current community members are eligible for the Airdrop for the referral bonus as well as new members will get an Airdrop for joining the Telegram.

When will I receive the CVT Tokens?

Airdrop participants will receive the CVT Tokens in their respective ETH wallet addresses provided during the CVT Airdrop Campaign registration. Please note: Do not provide an exchange address. The Airdropped CVT Can only be sent to a MEW Wallet ( or a Hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

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