Blockchain Regulations, ICOs, Mining and other Issues at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia

Blockchain Regulations, ICOs, Mining and other Issues at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia | Coindelite Press Releases
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Sydney will become a blockchain capital on May 29, as the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Australia with top experts will take place. The event will gather trusted and respected blockchain leaders from the biggest corporations, who will answer questions regarding digital coins and initial coin offering.


Sphere specialists will consider the way blockchain is currently regulated in Australia and the whole world. They will offer explanations about the changes blockchain brought to our life, its integration into business network and benefits and disadvantages of ICOs. Experts will also give information about tokenization and how it is done and about payment modernization.


Benjamin Hall is a specialist in innovation and technologies, contributor to machine learning projects, and the analyst of the business system as well. Currently, he has a position of the Australian Ambassador at ETHLEND. During the Australian blockchain event, the expert will introduce a presentation “Payment Modernization: The FinTech & Regulation evolution spurred by Blockchain Technology.” Benjamin will discover how current financial systems operate and explain how blockchain influences the operations and the whole sphere in general. He will also look into blockchain uses and challenges which could be met in the future, and finally, will provide his view on blockchain situation in Australia.

Zachary Reece is a digital asset and investment expert, and an operations manager at BlockTrade Investments. Zachary will be a speaker and a moderator of the panel discussion – important conference’s highlight. Speakers taking part in the discussion, with Zachary Reece, will introduce the topic “ICOs: Opportunity or Threat?” and will share their knowledge. Daniil Girdea, entrepreneur, virtual reality expert and the founder of the Arcona Digital Land, will join the discussion as well. To answer the main question of the discussion, Zachary, Daniil and other speakers will talk about ICO scams and potential danger, and ICO’s impact on the economy in general, on the micro and macro level.

Stefano Virgilli, a trusted advisor for ICO start-ups and projects and the chief strategy officer at Invictus, will be a participant of the event as well, presenting the topic “How do I explain blockchain mining to a six years old”. During his speech, Stefano will make sure that mining process does not seem complicated to the listeners anymore, clarifying difficult concepts, using simple examples. To do this, the expert will simplify encryption and hash calculations. He will also look into blockchain security and explain how to ensure it.

More highlights of the event:

Demozone, where various start-ups and companies which take blockchain as the basis for their work, will introduce their products and new interesting solutions.

The pitch session is a part of the Australian event as well, providing a possibility for companies to present their ideas during the small presentation and emphasize their strengths. Networking time is a great way to discuss potential projects and start cooperating with other blockchain enthusiasts.


Smile-Expo is the organizer of the conference. The company has already been to 16 countries with its blockchain events and continues exploring new horizons.

To learn more about the conference and register for the event, go to the website.

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