BitNautic’s Sail to Success via Swiss. BitNautic follows FINMA ICO guidelines.

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The project BitNautic has turned bigger by acquiring Swiss technology company and partnered with ICO Legal Advisory firm ‘Archilex Consulting SA’. The founders of the project announced today that since the Inception of the project BitNautic, they have been working hard to organize the teams and the legal structures to put the best foot forward towards achieving the long-term vision. BitNautic is getting started with acquiring a Switzerland based technology company as our launchpad of our ICO in the guidelines published last month by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

FINMA has set out how it intends to apply financial market legislation in handling enquiries from ICO organizers. The guidelines also define the information FINMA requires dealing with such enquiries and the principles upon which it will base its responses, creating clarity for market participants.

Mr. Gianfranco Pierini, a Swiss-based businessman, becomes the new CEO of the company. He has been an angel investor in many blockchain technology projects before joining the Bitnautic team. He has created many brands

The new CEO, Mr. Pierini, said:
“It is a great honor for me to join an awesome team as a CEO. I am confident that my expertise and years of experience could provide an invaluable contribution to the project. We are preparing to launch our ICO next month, where we will be distributing BTNT tokens as per FINMA ICO guidelines.

BitNautic team aspires to be fully compliant with the guidelines set by the Swiss authorities and as an effect, there are little changes to the ICO schedule as well. The Pre-ICO and ICO will be pushed 30 days ahead of its schedule and there will be a Private Pre-Sale (PPS) starting from 15th March 2018.

This PPS phase will last for 30 days. During the PPS phase, BitNautic will offer tokens to institutions/companies and early private investors. The total maximum amount of BTNT tokens allotted to the PPS phase is 2.5 Million BTNT. The BTNT token price will remain the same 1 ETH = 500 BTNT tokens.

The updated ICO schedule is as follow:

BitNautic’s legal structure and decisions are powered by Swiss guidelines and our legal advisors Mr. Thomas Contin and Mr. Marco Sala (Archilex Consulting SA —, that gather, process and analyze vast amounts of information on legal matters and compliance to provide best decisions for the project.

BitNautic is destined to establish a decentralized platform, ‘DIPSI’ (pronounced as ‘DEEP-SEA’), stands for ‘Decentralized Interface for Parallel Shipping Industry’, which uses blockchain technology, aiming to provide a better fortune and enormous opportunities to consumers, traders, brokers, ship owners and the overall industry.
BitNautic relies on the great potential of the inherent properties of the Blockchain technology to capitalize the expected future growth.
The artificial intelligence-based business insights will be a wonderful support for decision making on the market swings by providing advice or taking long and short positions successfully.

The BitNautic team believes in a truly transparent global and fair ecosystem that provides a fair chance to succeed to anyone and everyone.


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