BitCoinage to Airdrop 5 million eXBCN Tokens

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BitCoinage to Airdrop 5 million XBCN Tokens | Coindelite Press Releases
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BitCoinage, the upcoming decentralized platform has announced an Airdrop Campaign. This event is focused on increasing awareness about BitCoinage’s platform. As a thank you, the platform is offering 5 million tokens to its new and existing users. The details on this campaign are given below.

Please note that users from the United States and China are not eligible for this Airdrop.

What is BitCoinage?

BitCoinage is a newly launched utility for cryptocurrency traders that enables them to trade between exchanges through a single decentralized portal. This portal is what they’re referring to as a “new sector in cryptocurrency.”

The projects they describe in detail on their site seem to revolve around a single core goal: to bring a new wave of investors into the cryptocurrency market.

Their website,, lists several features novel to cryptocurrency and places a focus on user-friendliness. User-friendliness, in the case of the user experience, is one of the key barriers they describe that makes it difficult to enter into the cryptocurrency market. They claim not only that their exchange will be easy to use, but also that the existence of a popularized arbitrage exchange will work to make the cryptocurrency market more stable as a whole.

In Essence, BitCoinage features 3 independent companies:

The First Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Exchange

A Comprehensive Education Portal

A Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Insurance Company
BitCoinage’s eXBCN token is the access pass to all these services. The eXBCN token is built on the reputable Ethereum blockchain and is fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

What makes BitCoinage stand out from the competition?

Bitcoinage has no direct competitor in two of its three key sectors; neither insuring personal cryptocurrency holdings nor facilitating the exchange of cryptocurrencies between previously-unlinked exchanges. There is currently no single platform that allows traders to access different markets through linked cryptocurrency exchanges, and BitCoinage’s dynamic use of exchange API’s accomplishes just that.

The official BitCoinage roadmap also includes a “comprehensive education portal”. This will allow new traders to find and view crypto portfolio performance based on various success metrics.

The platform also features an intelligent arbitrage-finding bot that helps customers in making quick trades across exchanges. Additionally, a 24/7 customer service is available to handle all user queries. This is a feature that stands alone from any other arbitrage software.

How to Participate?

You can participate in the eXBCN Telegram Airdrop Program by speaking to our Telegram Bot:

The Telegram Bot will provide you with the steps that you need to follow.

Join BitCoinage Telegram Group:

Follow BitCoinage on Twitter:

Join BitCoinage on Facebook:

Note: Please follow all the steps provided by the Airdrop Bot. Do not post your wallet address in the Telegram group.

Submit your details, join the group today and receive 70 eXBCN tokens.

Referral Bonus: A unique referral link is generated upon a successful submission, this rewards an additional 30 eXBCN tokens per friend.

Who is Eligible for eXBCN Airdrop?

All users are eligible for the eXBCN Airdrop as long as all the given steps are completed. Existing members are also eligible for the Airdrop. Joining and referral bonuses will be provided to new users.

When do I get my eXBCN tokens?

The eXBCN tokens will be distributed once the token sale is over.



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