BitCoinage Ends Its Airdrop Program

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BitCoinage Ends Its Airdrop Program | Coindelite Press Releases
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The BitCoinage Airdrop conducted by Coindelite has successfully achieved its target and has raised the needed supports. The community is overwhelmed by the support received from the users. BitCoinage has announced that the airdrop is over.

BitCoinage is the latest utility to cryptocurrency traders which allows them to trade between exchanges through a single decentralized portal. This portal is also referred to a “new sector in cryptocurrency.” The platform aims to bring a new wave of investors into the cryptocurrency market.

The project also includes multiple characteristics for placing a focus on user-friendliness. This feature can be used to make the digital currency market stable.

BitCoinage features as three independent platforms, a First Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Exchange, a Comprehensive Education Portal, and a Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Insurance Company.

The eXBCN tokens are the access to all these services. The eXBCN token is built on the reputable Ethereum blockchain and is fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

According to the BitCoinage’s announcement, there isn’t any platform which allows traders access to various markets through linked cryptocurrency exchanges other than BitCoinage.

The other best features of the platform include an intelligent arbitrage-finding bot which helps customers in making quick trades across exchanges — moreover, a 24/7 customer service handles all user queries.

The airdrop was announced in October. The community has announced that the goal has been reached through the supports that they have got from customers. The eXBCN tokens will be distributed once the token sale is over.

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