Adshares (ADST) – Blockchain Revolution in Advertising

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AdShare – introduces social media monetization services for music, television, film, as well as sports rights-holders. The company also proposes YouTube monetization and optimisation services for already existing YouTube partners. The clients of AdShare are basically entertainers, copyright owners, athletes, and administrators associated with several industries and media groups, like music, sports, television, and movies. The company is Los Angeles, California based.


AdShares Network

Adshares Network is basically a decentralized, and peer-to-peer platform generated for programmatic advertising. Adshares provides advertisers as well as publishers efficiency for trading without any requirement of involving centralized ad exchanges.

Primary elements that are unique about this project are:

  • Website owners pay more than 50% of the money that they earn through adnetworks such as Facebook, and Google to let their ads appear on display. This project will make it go as down as 1%.
  • Standard ads can be blocked by adblockers as they all come from similar domains, Adshares ads will be generated from the website itself so that they cannot be blocked easily.
  • This ICO is supposed to offer a buyback facility so that you can sell anytime to get your money back if you think of the project as less developed.
  • This ICO is not just an idea as it has claimed to have a functioning code.
  • Its offering reduced fees due to increased competition in the crypto-market.
  • The project is supposed to be censorship resistant.
  • Developed with machine learning attributes to let it introduce Artificial Intelligence Elements.


ESC Blockchain

ESC (Enterprise Service Chain) is fundamentally a blockchain that powers up the Adshares Network. It is created o provide superior performance and efficient micropayments.


ICO Model

Adshares Token sale involves a novel approach having a dynamic token price as well as elastic supply. Such a scheme is designed to alleviate general problems associated with existing ICOs. Critical issues that are being targeted are incentives for creators and FOMO. To get the desired goals approaches like dynamic token pricing, steady token buyback and withdrawals spread over time are being used.

ICO contract will automatically buyback tokens to decrease the risk for token purchasers and to provide adequate incentives for the development team. Price paid as per the contract are supposed to be calculated via the minus spread formula.

Funds raised in the contract cannot be withdrawn all at once. The development team may request a maximum of 1% of funds every week, so they always have an incentive to work dedicatedly for.


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