95 million Dona Coins for first 50k participants to be Airdrop

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Dona platform (“Dona PF”) aims to create a new donation platform to make the flow of donated money transparent using the beneficial feature of the blockchain, as well as to develop a community to share information and assessments about charity organization and successful experiences in making a donation.

This mechanism changes the view on a donation from simply for one’s own satisfaction in spending money to the means to improving society by sharing the successful hands-on experience of supporting activities of your choice and enhancing interest, understanding, and empathy with regards to donation market.

Three properties of Dona Coin: 

We DNC up a function Use Trace with the use of blockchain, which enables to eliminate the intermediate traders from the process of collecting and distributing donations to give donations directly to support activities.
Rather than just ending the connection with the recipients after donations, you will receive feedback about the support activities from them. It is required that both voices are delivered creating a donation cycle between the supporters and recipients centered on our platform, resulting in a deeply-rooted interest and donation culture.
We facilitate donations, stoke the desire to donate, and promote diffusion by logically decomposing a gamification logic, which is a mechanism used in games for boosting motivation and applying it to this platform.

Dona Coin vision:

We will bring transparency to the flow of donation money by disclosing how the donations are used for support activities. This enables the revitalization of donation markets by facilitating the donation activities of potential donors who are interested in contributing to society but hesitate to donate their money due to their distrust of charity organizations or NPOs.  Currently, donations are collected depending solely on the reputation of large-scale organizations. We improve the reliability of supporting organizations by building a community that shares information, assessments, and successful experiences on support activities between NPOs and donors or between donors and donors.
We aim to develop markets for donations by bringing donations into continuous and familiar one for people as a means for changing society and as social investments, besides donations signifying a desire to help in emergencies.

How do I Participate in the Airdrop?

Start here with the DNC Telegram Airdrop Program and speak to our Telegram Bot: https://t.me/DonaPartnersBot?start=383065061

The Telegram BOT will ask you to perform the following steps:

Step 1. Join Dona Telegram Channel: https://t.me/AAAAAEx23WI8PoVKV1sRuQ
Step 2. Join Dona Telegram Group (chat): https://t.me/DonaPartners
Step 3. Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dona_partners/
Step 4. Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dona-partners-839011932964662/
Step 5. To get the DNC tokens, register on the official website: https://hk.dona-partners.com/
Note: Please follow all the steps suggested by the Airdrop BOT and do not paste your wallet address in the Telegram Group/ Chat.

Bonus DNC Tokens

Submit all of your details to become eligible for the DNC Airdrop and join the Telegram and social channels to get 1500 DNC Tokens plus get 200 DNC tokens for registering on the web platform. A unique referral link will be generated for you after completing this submission. If you invite your friends to the Airdrop, you will Receive 200 extra DNC Tokens per friend that you refer!

Note: Web registration is an essential step because the NEM wallet is to be submitted after registration on the website and the NEM wallet is where participants can receive their DNC tokens.

Just by joining on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and registering on the website, a participant can get 1700 ($17 approx.) DONA coins. Plus the referral bonus of 200 DNC for each referral.

The project has decided to roll out 95 million Dona Coins (DNC) in this Airdrop program for the first 50 thousand participants. This is one of the biggest airdrop being hosted by CoinDelite.com.

Are you Eligible for the Airdrop?

Everyone is Eligible! Just as long everyone completes the above steps. All current community members are eligible for the Airdrop for the referral bonus as well as new members will get an Airdrop for joining the Telegram.

When will I receive the DNC Tokens?

The DNC tokens will be distributed in 2 weeks after the ICO (crowdsale) is over. Airdrop participants will receive the DNC Tokens in their respective wallet addresses provided during the DNC Airdrop Campaign registration after the ICO crowd sale is over.
Please note: If you have further questions regarding the Airdrop Campaign, please feel free to ask in the DNC Telegram Chat.

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