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Description of the Project

Rilcoin is a cutting-edge crypto technology-based, fully decentralized crypto-currency, which actually has all the benefits of fiat currency as well the freedom and anonymity of a crypto-currency. Rilcoin is a part of an Asset Management System (DAMS). The assets are further classified into High-Risk Assets and Low-Risk Assets on the basis of various pre-defined parameters.

The Concept
As the world is advancing towards digitalization, global internet access has made people sit up, take notice & start embracing the change. In a nutshell, we’re living in a rapidly changing world where the need for keeping up has become an obligation. With the introduction of various digital currencies, our days of carrying around paper cash or pulling out cards have come to an end.

The Central idea is to provide a platform designed purely for everyone, regardless of geographical barriers and present a digital currency affordable & usable by each of us by providing everyone the medium to achieve, influence & control in their creative ventures. The main focus is to get people involved in all the markets in a completely different manner with Smart outsourcing revenue channels, renowned collaborations, network, steady cryptocurrency practice for transactions, revolutionary identity protection and blockchain protocol, Rilcoin wants to make use of digital currency effortless for its users.

Token Distribution

  • Special 30% Bonus in Pre-sale. 15 Days 5 Million tokens for Sale.
  • Phase 1 25% Bonus 30 Days 10 Million tokens for Sale.
  • Phase 2 15% Bonus 30 Days 10 Million tokens for Sale.
  • Phase 3 10% Bonus 30 Days 10 Million tokens for Sale.

Use Cases

  • Smartdust, AI vehicles, Crypto-computing and more.
  • The Future of Farming Autonomous Farming & Equipments.
  • Real Estate: Buy or Sell Property through crowdfunding.
  • Renewable Energy
  • BVusinesse: CryptoChat, Crypto-Donation Platform, E-commerce
  • Decentralized banking without borders and political barriers.

ICO Start Date

1st November 2017

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