Mobile Money Remittance System (BFY)


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Description of the Project

Mobile Money Remittance System (MMRS) is an innovative electronic payment system, which enables safe execution of cross-border mobile money transfer between countries with the possibility to withdraw funds in local currency using products of the local mobile operator (such as mobile money and mobile airtime).

Bank4YOU Group believes mobile money remittances should be fast, convenient, and safe.

With the implementation of the private blockchain, the unique and discreet system with an inner currency Mobile Money Remittance (MMR) will be created, which operates transactions between clients and settles deals between partners in individual countries.

The main component of the MMRS is a system of tokens tied to local currencies of the countries of system user’s countries, which enables fast, reliable and cheap remittance of values across the borders of states and continents. Operating such tokens makes it possible to increase the user trust in the system providing the simplest and the most understandable mechanism for converting fiat currencies into electronic ones. The issue of tokens occurs only on condition of the fiat money being brought into the system, which is intended to ensure the stability of the exchange rate.

ICO status
Ongoing (Phase 1)

ICO Supply
240 millions

Total Supply
300 millions

Accepted currency

ICO Price

ICO Start Date


ICO End Date


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