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The blockchain technology has been gaining increasing popularity over the past few years, not only among the IT experts and start-ups, but it did also attract the attention of traders and financial experts, as it opened up a new opportunity and perspective for the global financial system. It is hardly surprising then that the blockchain market has raised over 3 billion dollars so far in 2017, and it is expected that the blockchain market will be valued at nearly 2.5 billion dollars by 2021.

As any other emerging rising market, the blockchain fast-growing market resulted in creating many job opportunities and a new load of profiles (developers, managers, advisors,…etc) are needed, either for building new startups that take a keen interest in the blockchain technology, or simply to help already established companies to exploit the various use cases that can be built on top of the distributed ledger. Obviously, starting a career in the blockchain, be it on the freelance or a full-time consulting business, requires getting well-educated about the details of the blockchain technology and how it came into existence in 2009 with the bitcoin whitepaper. If research articles and whitepapers are too technical for you, you might want to look at the currently available certifications regarding the blockchain and the bitcoin such the Certified Bitcoin Professional ( Networking events are also a useful way of connecting with experts and beginners alike, helping you simultaneously to keep up with the recent news and innovations in the blockchain field.

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Ongoing (Phase 1)

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$ 0.5

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