Astra Token (AST)

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Description of the Project

Astra Token is one of the newest and most revolutionary tokens that entered the market in late 2017. Our the purpose here is to make use of the blockchain revolution in order to improve online advertising. It is clear that online advertising has played and will keep playing a huge role when it comes to businesses, markets, personal projects, commercials, social causes, fundraisers and a million other reasons people advertise themselves or their product.

Our team brought the Astra project to life, so we can help the online communities interested in growing their businesses, affairs, and brands. We plan on using this token in the very near future and create actual means of making use of this powerful token to pay for online advertising.

In the future, we want to make Astra Token the most powerful blockchain tool for online advertising and marketing. What we desire to do is design a satellite network which would be launched by the end of 2019.

That means our plan would succeed, and we would be able to host online advertisements worldwide. They would be created at a high speed and rate, by a growing team of professionals and analysts whose jobs would be to help business investors and advertisers.

The Astra Network is going to release a special cryptocurrency, credit card, which you will be able to use in real life.

We are going to provide you with a special mobile app for both Android and iOS. A wallet will be included, where you may store any amount of cryptocurrencies and instantly spend it to buy your favorite clothes, food, to make online payments or use the credit card in any other form.

As part of our project, we will instantly reward you with Astra Tokens based on the amount of money you spent to buy something. Basically, all you have to do is buy goods and once the payment is fully processed and checked, you will earn free bonus Astra Tokens for participating in this project.

ICO status

ICO Supply
175 000 000

Total Supply
350 000 000

Accepted currency

ICO Price

ICO Start Date

05 November 2017

ICO End Date

05 December 2017

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