Top ICO List | Initial Coin Offering List 2018

Ongoing ICO List

ICO Name Links Crowd Sale Total Buying Options End Date
TraDove BBCoin (BBCoin) Sponsored Presale 50,000,000 BTC 2018/01/15
Corvus Coin (CRVS) Presale 50,000,000 BTC 2018-01-25
Authoreon (AUTH) 340000000 (Phase 2) 1000000000 ETH, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, Paypal 2017/12/31
Mobile Money Remittance System (BFY) Phase - 1 240 millions GBP, EUR, USD, BTC, ETH 2018/01/31
Eshalcoin (EHL) Phase - 1 21000000 BTC 2018/01/27
MARK.SPACE (MRK) Pre-Sale 21000000 BTC, ETH 2018/02/28
FINIX COIN (FNX) Phase - 1 1,60,00,000 BTC 2018/02/10
FintechFans (FINC) Pre-Sale 18.444.000 ETH 2018/01/31
CHRYSOSCOIN (CHR) Pre-Sale 18.444.000 ETH 2018/01/31
Obizcoin (OBZ) Presale 300 million ETH, BTC 2018/03/14
ModulTrade (MTRc) Pre-Sale 100,000,000 ETH, BTC, LA 2018-01-29
TORQ Coin ICO (TORQ) Phase - 1 7500000 BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH 2018-01-31
BitherCash (BEC) Phase - 1 55 Million ETH, BTC 2018/01/18
Quasar Coin Pre-Sale 31 Million BTC 2018/01/31
MimiCoin (MIM) Phase 1 45000000 ETH 2018/02/12
CyberTrust (CABS) Pre,1of2 ETH 2018/01/13
FintruX (FTX) Pre,1of2 2018/02/28
LEAP Pre-sale 1 billion ETH 2017/12/30
LALA World (LALA) Pre & Phase 1 250000000 BTC, ETH 2018/02/05
GARNETCOIN (GNC) Ongoing 200 Million BTC 2018/02/23
MinerDog (MDC) Ongoing (Phase 1) 10,000 ETH 2018/01/31
Cointed ( CTD ) 650,000,000CTD 650,000,000CTD ETH 2018/02/28
Adshares ETH 2017/12/31
Exxor(EXX) 83,000,000EXX BTC,ETH 2017/12/30
Miorai( MOI ) 600,000,000MOI ETH 2017/12/30
Global Crypto Bank( BANK ) 4,800,000BANK ETH 2017/12/30
ILCoin Token ( ILCT ) Phase-2 17M BTC, ETC 2018/01/15
AML bitcoin ( ATK ) 76,000,000ATK(Phase-2) 55 Million BTC, ETC, USD, LTC,DASH, Zcash 2017/01/14
Vaultbank (VB) 240,000,000VB (Phase-2) BTC, ETH 2018/01/18
Inspeer ( INSP ) 50,000,000INSP (Phase-2) $557,000 BTC, ETH, Altcoins 2018/02/05 60,000,000PKT 100,000,000PKT ETH 2017-11-30
Worldwide Asset exchange (WAX) 64,750,000WAX 185,000,000WAX ETH 2017-11-29
Bonpay ( BON ) ETH,BTC, LTC, DSH, ETC, BCH, XRP, ERC20 tokens 2017-11-28
Peerguess(GUESS) 120,000,000GUESS 200,000,000GUESS ETH, 2017-11-24
Cappasity (AR) 7,000,000,000 ART (70%) BTC,BCH,ETH,LTC,USDT 2017-11-22
Confideal(CDL) 74,000,000 CDL 100,000,000 CDL ETH 2017-11-22
HydroMiner(H2O) 25,500,000H2O 100,000,000H2O 2017-11-22
Zap 173,333,333ZAP 520,000,000ZAP ETH 2017-11-20
?onnectius(CNT) 31,000,000CNT 42,758,621CNT ETH, USD 2017-11-20
Cash Poker Pro(CASH) 60,000,000 100,000,000 ETH 2017-11-19
B2BX 40,000,000B2BX 50,000,000B2BX BTC, ETH, LTC, BCC, Monero, Dash 2017-11-17
PRIVATIX(PRIX) 8,000,000PRIXY 10,000,000PRIXY ETH 2017-11-16
Eloplay(ELT) 400,000,000ELT 572,000,000ELT ETH 2017-11-15
Worldcore(WRC) 870,000,000 WRC 1,000,000,000 WRC ETH,BTC,USD 2017-11-14
Peerity(PEER) 100,000,000PEER 2017-11-16
Global B2B Services Exchange(ACT) 220 million tokens 293.3 million tokens ETH 16/11/2017
BitBoost(BBT) 61 million BBT 100 million BBT BTC,ETH 2017/11/10
?Pre?Genesis Vision(GVT) BTC,ETH 15/11/2017

Upcoming ICO List

ICO Name Links Round Start Date End Date Buying Options
Blockshield (BST) Sponsored Pre-Sale 2018-01-05 2018-04-05 BTC, ETH, Fiat currency
Retainly (RETN) Pre,1of2 2018-01-15
FluzFluz (FLUZ) 2017-12-11
KeepPet (PET) Pre-sale 2017-12-31 2018-01-15 ETH, BTC, Fiat money
CoinCasino (CAS) Pre-sale 2017-12-27 2018-02-15 ETH
charitySPACE (CHT) Pre-sale 2017-12-20 2018-01-10 ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash
BitClave (CAT) Phase - 1 2017-11-29 2017-12-29 BTC, ETH, LTC and QTUM
DADI Pre-Sale 2018-01-29 2018-03-01 ETH
AstorGame (ASTOR) Pre-Sale 2018-01-10 2018-01-23 ETH, BTC, LTC, Dash, XMR, Iota
TokenPay (TPAY) Pre-Sale 2017-11-28 2018-01-27 ETH, BTC, LA
WePower Network Phase - 1 2018-02-01 2018-02-14 ETH
GazeCoin (GZE) Pre-Sale 2018-12-10 2018-12-20 ETH
FiCoin (FiC) Pre-Sale 2017-12-13 2018-01-20 ETH, BTC
Injii Access Coin Crowdsale (IAC) 1st 2017-11-20
Hero Origen Token (HERO) Presale 2017-11-25
Tigereum (TIG) Presale 2017-12-08
SyncFab (MFG) Presale 2017-12-08
Birdchain (BIRD) Presale 2017-12-08
Blocklancer (LNC) Presale 2017-12-08 (TRS) Presale 2017-11-15
Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services Inc. (BAR) Presale 2017-01-01
Boosteroid(BTR) Pre-sale 2017-11-27
ByteBet (BBET) Pre-sale 2017-11-21 2017-11-29 ETH
BDogezer (DGZ) Pre-sale 2018-01-15 2018-02-15 ETH
Galaxy eSolutions (GES) Phase - 1 2018-01-15 2018-02-28 ETH
Majato Project (MJT) Pre-sale 2017-12-20 2018-02-03 ETH
PROPS by YouNow Pre-sale 2017-12-11 2017-11-18 ETH
Symmetry Fund (SYMM) Pre-sale 2017-12-11 2017-11-18 ETH
ALMBank (AALM) Pre-sale 2017-12-28 2018-02-13 BTC, ETH
VRT World (VRT) Phase - 1 2018-02-27 2018-03-27 ETH, LTC, BTC, DASH
Cryptectum (TECTUM) Phase - 1 2018-02-18 2018-03-18 ETH, BTC
Cargocoin Phase - 1 2018-02-18 2018-03-18 ETH, BTC
DreamTeam(DTT) Pre,1of2 2017-11-21
Lendoit(LOAN) 1 2017-12-13
BitDegree(BDT) pre,1 2017-12-01
ModulTrade(MTRc) pre,1 2017-11-28
Neuromation(Neurotoken) pre 2017-11-27
BitRent(RNT) pre,ICO 2017-11-23
Modulum(MDL) 1 2017-11-23
DropDeck(DDD) 2017-11-21
ByteBet(BBET) Pre, ICO 2017-11-21
MARK.SPACE(MRK) Pre, ICO 2017-11-21
NAGA GROUP(NGC) Pre, main 2017-11-21
CrowdWiz(WIZ) Pre, 1 2017-11-20
FundRequest (FND) 1 2017-11-20
DataTrading(DTT) Pre, 1, 2 2017-11-20
Bazista(BZS) Pre, 1 2017-11-16
MilkCoin (MLCN) 1 2017-11-15
Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services(BAR) Pre, main 2017-11-15
MediBloc(MED) Pre1, Pre2, ICO 2017-11-13
DreamTeam(DTT) Pre, ICO 2017-11-13
Refereum(RFR) 2017-11-13
CryptoCopy(CCOPY) 2017-11-11
LevelNet(LVL) Pre,1-6 2017-11-15

Past ICO List

ICO Name Links Round Total
EthereumBitcoin (BTCE) 21 million 21 million
Ankorus (ANK) Phase - 1
Cashaa (CAS) Presale Pending statistics
Astra Token (AST) 6.820.632 Tokens
TokenStars(ACE) Pending statistics
AppCoins (APPC) Pre-sale 450000000
RefToken (REF) 22.5M (Phase 1) 50M
CoinStarter (STC) Presale Pending statistics
MicroMoney(AMM) 50,000,000
ATLANT(ATL) Pending statistics
Verif-y Pending statistics
?Pre?Aion Pending statistics
Ethino(ENO) Pending statistics
Ethino(ENO) Pending statistics
SENSE Pending statistics
FundCoin(FND) Pre Pending statistics
Easy Mine(EMT) Pending statistics
BitBase(BTB) 1 Pending statistics
AbioCoin(ABI) Pre, 1 Pending statistics
[Pre] XRONOS Aggregator(XPO) Pending statistics
?Pre?WYNG Pending statistics
Hash Rush Pre, 1 Pending statistics
Polkadot(DOT) 1 Pending statistics
GOLDMINT(MNTP) 1 Pending statistics
Gimli(GIM) Pending statistics
AirToken(AIR) Pending statistics
Spheris(SPRS) 1st Pending statistics
SandCoin(SND) 1 Pending statistics
?Pre?Zenome(ZNA) Pre Pending statistics
Dmarket Phase 2 49,497,194 Tokens
?Pre?Mingo(MGT) Pending statistics
Ambrosus(AMBER) Pending statistics
?Pre?XRONOS Aggregator(XPO) 1 of 4 Pending statistics Pending statistics
Ripio Credit Network(RCN) Pending statistics
Dovu Pending statistics
BLOCKv(VEE) 1 Pending statistics
Cajutel (CAJ) Phase - 2 Pending statistics
Bitair(BTCA) Pre, 1 Pending statistics
Farad Cryptoken(FRD) Pending statistics
[SCAM]MAGOS(MAG) 1 Pending statistics
Rockchain (ROK) Phase - 3 100000000
Kin 1 Pending statistics
Everex(EVX) 1 Pending statistics
Real Estate Asset Ledger 1 Pending statistics
Mandarin(MNT) Pending statistics
ALIS 1 Pending statistics
Boulecoin(BOU) Pre Pending statistics
Pally(PAL) Pre Pending statistics
KICKICO(KC) 1 Pending statistics
Kyber Network 1 Pending statistics
ICObox 1 Pending statistics
Social(SCL) Pending statistics
BitDice Casino(CSNO) Pending statistics
COSS Token Swap (ICO) Pending statistics
Skycoin(SKY) 4 Pending statistics
Rasputin(ROC) Pre Pending statistics
Dimcoin(DIM) Pending statistics
ARToken by Cappasity (AR) Pending statistics
Money Technology 1 Pending statistics
Agrello Pending statistics
Digital Developers Found (DDFT) 1 6,429 ETH
Zen Protocol (ZEN) Pending statistics
FundRequest (FND) Pending statistics
FortKnoxster (FKX) Pending statistics
Tripally(ALLY) 1249.6962 ETH
Delphi Systems ( PHI ) Pending statistics
Kevin ( KVT ) Pending statistics ( MAT ) Phase-2 Pending statistics
QUOINE's LIQUID( QASH ) 250,000,000 QASH 350,000,000 QASH
Fairloris ( LORI ) Pending statistics
Vezt( VZT ) 3214.09 ETH 11,935,960 Tokens
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