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Token Symbol : EGY

Total Token Supply : 1000000000

Crowdsale : Main

Token Price : 1 EGY = 0.00025 ETH

Hard Cap : 12000000 USD

Soft Cap : 3000000 USD

KYC/Whitelisting :

Pre ICO Starts : 2018-11-01

Pre ICO Ends : 2018-12-31

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EGYPT - ICO Details

A Gold-backed open-source payment network which allows peer-to-peer transfer of tokens among the community of EGY holders.

EGY decentralized blockchain technology is build on Ethereum protocol to operate with no central authority or banks.

However, EGY Marketplace and ICO Listing ( ) is decentralized with centralized trade audits and dispute resolution for a start.

EGYPT (EGY) development team will explore means to decentralize this feature.

EGYPT (EGY) is a simple way to exchange money at a very low cost... And also provides low cost ICO Listing, online shopping and service center setup.

For this reason, EGYPT (EGY) marketplace will be developed as a multipurpose, multi vendor marketplace to ICO Listing, buy or sell goods and services in exchange and use for EGY Tokens.


EGYPT- ICO overview and details | Coindelite

Farid Adel Farid


EGYPT- ICO overview and details | Coindelite

Abdelhamid Hussein


EGYPT- ICO overview and details | Coindelite

Emmanuel Ezurukam Adams

Lead Advisor


  • 2018
    April 2018: Creating First attempts of EGYPT (EGY) Smart Contrats. May 2018: Creating of EGYPT (EGY) website June 2018: EGY reaches out to private Investors and Advisers July 2018: Lunch our Market place ( Pyramids Gate ) EGYPT (EGY) reaches out to exchanges even before coins are made available for withdrawal to ensure a quick and efficient listing on relevant exchanges. September 2018: Start of Private Sales Campaign October 2018: Start .
  • 2019
    Year 2019 Starting ASAP at the following issues: 1- Payments: After the ICO the EGY will have a value so it can be used as a way of payment . 2- Tourism and travel: We will have contracts with Hotels and Airlines World wide to accept EGY as a way of payment and we will establish our own Travel service Office specially and only for EGY holders to make there reservations and bookings, The office service will be free of charge 24/7. 3- Health Care: we will have contracts with as much number of .

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1 EGY = 0.00025 ETH

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