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Event date : October 1, 2018

Country : The Westin Warsaw Hotel, Poland

Ticket Price : 495 PLN - 695 PLN

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The Westin Warsaw Hotel, Poland

Blockchain Tech Congress

We’re taking part in the next revolution of the popularisation of the internet. The world’s economy is changing before our eyes.

Every day, thousands of people are looking for an answer to the question: How can blockchain revolutionize the world? In what way and where can we use its potential? How to regulate the technology? Could the energy sector gain from blockchain? In what way are ICO and tokenization revolutionizing the gaining of funds?

BlockchainTech Congress is a unique platform for exchanging experience and for representatives of all sectors interested in the operation and development of the breaking technology to meet. An event is a place to present examples of its implementation and to talk about the potential, the future, and legal-regulatory issues. It is a great occasion to connect and strengthen business relations for all leaders who want to mark the trends of development in the digital world.

What really is blockchain? It’s technology that serves to the sending and storage of information in transactions made in the network. These transactions are sorted in successive blocks of data. Thanks to the BlockchainTech Congress you can find out why this technology was created, for who, if it is safe and how it could influence reality. The gigantic possibilities of the blockchain, other than the creation of new values, enliven traditional business, stimulating it to better address the growing needs of modern consumers.

The BlockchainTech Congress is aimed at technology deliverers as well as entrepreneurs implementing blockchain technology and those who are considering the implementation in their company.



Price for the Public Administration:

The cost of participation is:

495 PLN + 23% VAT to 10.09.2018

695 PLN + 23% VAT after 10.09.2018


Price for Business:

The cost of participation is:

2295 PLN + 23% VAT to 10.09.2018

2795 PLN + 23% VAT after 10.09.2018


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