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Event date : November 14, 2018

Country : Boston, MA, USA

Ticket Price : $1345 - $1395

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Boston, MA, USA

Blockchain for Finance Conference, North America

Explore how Financial Services in North America are Advancing Blockchain/DLT Applications from POC to Commercialization

  • Microsoft’s Marley Gray will share his thoughts on technical challenges such as scalability, interoperability and privacy that need to be considered for full blockchain implementation

  • Explore the partnerships that Barclays have formed to aid DLT adoption and where DLT fits within their overall fintech strategy

  • Hear Factom, BBVA and Clovyr’s Amber Baldet discuss the ways of storing data on blockchains and the most effective platforms to use

  • Understand Northern Trust and Fidelity’s standpoint on the developments of crypto assets and how this will affect financial services

  • Examine the array of blockchain applications available and where the likes of Citi, Ripple, R3 & BNY Mellon are applying this technology


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