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Event date : September 3, 2018

Country : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


1.ASEAN countries have the 2nd most number of blockchain exchanges 
in the world
2. The Cambodia Blockchain Industry Development Association is launched to create the first world-class "international digital special economic zone" and build an excellent blockchain platform for the establishment and development of blockchain enterprises.
Singapore's central bank will implement a tokenized version of the Singapore dollar on an Ethereum based Blockchain.
3. The Monetary Authority of Singapore, the country's central bank, is working with the R3 consortium of financial institutions on a proof-of-concept project to conduct inter-bank payments using Blockchain.
4. The deputy governor of Malaysia's central bank indicated that nine banks in the country have already begun working with the central bank in developing blockchain powered applications for trade finance.
5. Thailand's Siam Commercial Bank is building out a Ripple-based blockchain remittance platform for cross-border payments.


ABS 2018 shall witness government delegations from ASEAN & other nations interested in this Regional Cluster. 
There will be Key Note Sessions, Fire Side Chats, interaction opportunity and networking luncheon with government delegations as to how they are addressing; 
• Adoption of blockchain in government ecosystem 
• The regulatory challenges towards Tokenomic 
innovations & other allied challenges 
• Future of international cooperation on regulatory 
frameworks amongst nations
• Consortium opportunities for government entities
• Dispute resolutions

ABS 2018 shall witness investors from across the world, especially from ASEAN also including Japan 
South Korea.
• It shall facilitate a rare opportunity to hear & meet the best from global investors fraternity. 
• Leadership from some of the best global blockchain projects will share their success mantras from heart to heart. 
• Investors will be approachable by all the pre-qualified Blockchain Startups to explore investment 


• Upcoming Startups compete against each other with their innovative solutions and ideas by delivering an 8-minute Launchpad pitch to win the best blockchain technology
idea award. 
• The best ideas are selected by our investor's panel who thereafter will enable the future entrepreneurs to build & expand their business propositions globally.

ABS 2018 shall witness the Key Note Sessions by

• Global Leaders with  extensive  experience  in Government affairs

• Enterprise Leaders, breakthrough Innovators, Investors  and Academic researchers.

• These sessions will be primarily focused around

• Adoption of Blockchain technology by government & large enterprise

• Future of tokenomics & Challenges faced by  upcoming startups

• Scope of potential academic blockchain innovation &  research


ABS 2018 will bring some of the best regional experts to conduct deep learning and allied sessions for topics related to Blockchain & DLT like
• Ethereum
• Smart Contract
• HyperLedger
• Fibre Integration
• Cyber Security for DLT
• Stratis
• Multichain
• Public/Private Chain
• BaaS
• BaaP
• Network Assessment
• Protocol Methodology
• Regulatory & Policy
• Crypto-Mining
• Crypto-tokenomics
• Crypto-Trading
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